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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 21, 2012.

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    This is all we need to know when it comes to who should live in the white house for the next four years.

    Chavez, Castro, Putin: Four more years! | Times 247

    When the worlds foremost leftist, power hungry, and murderous dictators put out their support for Obama its a clear sign that he has to go.
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    Wonder how many people around the globe these 3 men have killed in comparison to the 2 leaders of the free world over the last 12 years?
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    Of course taxes should go up. If you want a low tax country, move to Central America.

    The real question is 'in what proportion do the taxes go up?'

    The American dream is that everyone has an opportunity. Iin difficult times, we all pull together, according to our ability to provide. The future of our country is everyone's future. Taxes (even high taxes) on multimillionaires/billionaires, doesn't affect their living standards. To who much is given, much is expected...someone said something like that once. He was right, in a perfect world.

    We should aspire to a perfect world.
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    Not that many, by comparison. But who has killed more good men? <never mind collateral damages for this argument>. I am opposed to drone stikes, because we don't have trained individuals we trust on the ground, but I'd rather have your daughter command a drone than put her feet on the ground in Yemen/Pakistan/Afghanistan/Libya/Iraq/Syria/Iran... the list goes on.

    What do YOU want our future to be?
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    Yep, crushing the state with anarchic tactics is towards those ends!
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    Not listening to a Lew Rockwell audio when I have Zappa remasters.

    Put it in a Browncafe nugget. Maybe a cartoon so some here can understand, but I'm not interrupting my music. You are asking me to move to the White Zone. I'm not moving. I'll even a pdf to try to understand. I'm an open minded person.
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    open minded ???!!!!!

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    I LOL'd too.
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    That was a good one. Thanks, More.
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    Well look at it one way.

    One candidate has no incentive to change anything as far as taxes going up as they won't have to face it in a reelection.

    Then there's the other candidate who will have to deal with it if they want to get reelected.
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    And the sun will still rise the next day...