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    Ok, so heres the situation.

    I graduated HS in 2006 and began working for UPS in August of 2006. I received a George D. Smith Scholarship and was basically offered a job right then. Im pretty sure I was offered because of the scholarship, and the fact that my father is a well respected driver in his center.

    Here's the thing: I worked at the same center as my father.

    When I left in 2008 for school, I wasnt rehired. I recently restarted my career here, and was told I cant work in the same center as my father, yet one of the loaders in our center is loading his brothers truck. I was wondering if this is special treatment? Straight up lying? Actual fact?
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    Sounds like bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: to me. That was company policy maybe 10+ years ago.. but there's a sup in my building whose brother was hired to work in the same three-belt area. Numerous dads have kids that work there, etc.
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    It used to be policy that family were not allowed to work in the same building. A few years back that changed. We used to have a driver (passed away) who got his little brother a job with us. Now the little brother's son is also a driver. 3 driver's from the same direct family.
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    I have a set of brother-in-laws working in my center. Who knows. It's the whole "franchise" thing in action again. What's rule in your center is non-existent in another.
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    There's a mother who works in my preload. Her son cannot work preload but he works in the Local Sort. Rules may vary.