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  1. area43

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    How does the rep power work.
  2. DS

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    Good question area 43...I`m sure its been explained before,but I cant find it...diadlover is way up there
    maybe its the rate this post thing with the stars...
    Maybe Cheryl can explain it again...
  3. moreluck

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    DS...your avatar is "screen lickin' " good !!!!:)
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    Awww poor area is looking to get some rep!!!!
    people just have to click the link under your avitar to give you some rep.
    But Ii think you earn it through some intelligent answers or in my case smartass answers!!!
  5. SmithBarney

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    Its calculated using the same secret formula that IE uses
    to determine your dispatch for the day, divided by the number of
    hours you spend online multiplied your sporh or pph(depending on position)
    then divided again by a random number generated called over/under.
  6. area43

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    ahhh finally some power
  7. 30andout

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    It concerns me about as much as my over-allowed.
  8. diadlover

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    I'll explain the positive rep first. For example say your rep is 100. If you leave a positive rep for someone then 10% of that 100 will be added to the member that received the feedback. So in the example of 100 you would add 10 points to someone else's rep total. How do you add rep? Look at this screen shot and look for the black arrow below my avatar:

    Click on that scale looking thing.

    Once you click on the the scale looking thing then this little pop-up will appear. Now since I'm using myself as the example then of course you would select the "I approve" choice. You have the option of writing a reason for the rep which is always recommended:


    Now just as you have the ability to leave a positive comment for a member you can also leave a negative one if you choose. Now I personally only leave negative feedback in retaliatory circumstances. Some members will leave it for whatever reason. When you leave a negative you will then deduct points from the receiving members rep total. The amount deducted is 5%. So in the example of the 100 rep amount from above you would reduce the receiving members point total by 5 points. Here is an example of a negative rep being left for someone. Let's use Tieguy as the example :) :


    Taa Daa!!
  9. moreluck

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    Gee, Diad, that's real close to a "white board" explanation.

    Are you sure you're not a professor?
  10. wonderboy?

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    I'd have a bunch but I
    can't post when I'm logged in

  11. vin

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    OK, thats how you get rep power, but what do the green dots mean? Generally, the more rep power you have the more green dots too, but that is not always the case. And recently, i have noticed a few members with a red dot instead of green, what is that?
  12. scratch

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    The red dot is a negative vote. Someone didn't like the post, so they are letting the poster know. This will bring the total rep points down.
  13. satellitedriver

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    Enjoyed your explaination. Great presentation and you even got to throw a barb. When did you get so smart?
  14. BCFan

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    lol i am glad to see i am not the only person Tie-Guy has flamed because he was not happy with a post of mine :) -->BC