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    Just wanted to Copy and Paste my Resignation Letter I gave to my center manager a couple of weeks ago, I thought everyone here may get a kick out of it.

    After much thought and consideration, I have decided to leave UPS. My last day will be two week from this date. I have obtained employment elsewhere, making twice the money, and not having to deal with the stress and mismanagaement of this company. UPS was founded on a principle different from what it operates on today, and frankly, as a Full Time Supervisor, I refuse to be a part of this new philosophy. I just want to say, that until UPS honors its employees for their work, other than criticizing every move they make, conditions won't improve. This building and district are the most poorly run I have ever seen, and I won't continue to answer for everyone elses lack of caring, in making my numbers, they can crawl up and die. In essence, what I am saying, is I quit and FU** UPS.
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  2. upsdude

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    I'm thinking your last day will be much sooner than the date 2 weeks in the future. LOL.

    Good Luck!!
  3. moreluck

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    Burning bridges is NEVER a good idea !! Never!! Oh, and did I mention, Never?! :) You get labeled N.T.B. for your letter....not too bright.
  4. rngri4

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    The letter was turned in sometime ago, I have already quit, but that is one bridge I didn't mind I have a much better job, with actually less hours, and more money, and most importantly, I am happy, and I get to see my family now. No more sleeping half the day away, because of the hours. I am going back to Iraq next week for at least 6 months, probably a year, and my family time is more important to me than any job right now.
  5. Anon

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    I call B.S. on that being the letter sent in. Now I'd believe it if that's what you told them as your :censored2: walked out the door.
  6. disneyworld

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    Good Luck to you-you might just be the beginning of a mass exodus from this company in the coming years. I feel the exact same way you do.
  7. psstdrvr

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    Good luck to you, nice to see a tie with some integrity. I totally agree with your perception of this company, I'd join you, but I have 29 years in already and I'm going soon. Meanwhile I'm working very safely, by the book, following EDD everyday and doing exactly as I'm instructed and am making more money than I ever did. Amazing how easy and stressless everything becomes when you let the inept managers tell you what to do, trick is to never question them...they're too smart!!! You must have worked in the East Long Island,NY District!!!!!
  8. mittam

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    Good luck I also appreciate a tie that stands up to the ways UPS does things, it's not the same company it was a few short years ago!
  9. steffieup

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    You may not like your job or the people you work with but submitting a letter like that only gives them the satisification of knowing you couldn't cut it to begin with.
  10. disneyworld

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    I'm sure most people don't mind working hard but when the mental abuse is an every day occurance,it's time to leave because they obviously don't appreciate anyones effort.
  11. satellitedriver

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    That man has cut more than you ever will in your lifetime. Your attempt at insult is pathetic. Please, go spend your vacation week in beautiful downtown Bagdad and come back and tell us what you could cut.
    I have burnt many bridges, but my trouble is I was standing in the middle of them when I started the fire.
  12. satellitedriver

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    Come home safe and sound. Your family is (and should be) the most important thing you have.
    As Always you have my prayers(for what they are worth),
  13. local804

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    Nice letter... I like it. Seems like you had some built up anger inside of you and I am sure it feels good to let it out. Good luck in the future and I wish more suits had balls like you.
  14. local804

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    If he is fighting in Iraq for our country, he gives UPS no satisfaction.
    Family first!
  15. 25yrvet

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    Good job... You have my respect.
  16. tieguy

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    Theres a side of me that likes your hutspah.
    Some truth to the above . His letter will be discounted as that of a malcontent leaving.They will point to the profanity in proof. You lost that effect when you jumped in the gutter with the letter.

    If however he writes a letter speaking of how much he enjoyed the opportunity and how sorry he is to have to leave well then his departure is much more difficult to rationalize when those in the upper ranks discuss his leaving. He can still calmly list his reasons for leaving and still make his points. But the F-bomb killed that chance.
  17. Cezanne

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    Would have to agree with Tieguy one this one, when you use profanity in any documentation you are just giving ammunition to the company to claim you as disgrunted/malcontent/not a team player/subversive. Afraid that even if you use correct grammar with any resignation letter it would still not be effective, you are just one ex-employee with an attitude. The higher ups will always put their spin on any information that is considered damaging to their careers. Seen this happen in disciplinary union hearings, the company side always tries cast a bad light on the grieved employee's reputation and work record bordering on slander. It is a shame that most whistleblowers generally pay a price for bringing to light some injustice, if you do confront do not expect alot of support from your fellow employees, most would be too scared to back your accusations, especially if they are management. Segregating and labeling a cry in the wilderness been done since Herod's time.

    Best of fortune with your future, keep your head down over there:thumbup1:
  18. Nice try with the resignation letter. The truely effective way to communicate what you think to upper management is throught the ERI survey. Be sure to carefully select the ratings. Never give a 4 when a 3 is warranted. Also, carefully thought out comments with excellent grammar are real attention grabbers and have the possible effect of steering company policy in the future. (Never use all capital letters or ! marks. You should make your point though use of powerful English not punctuation.)
  19. I always felt the the use of well thought our, non profane phrases can be more stinging the impulsive use of profanity. I have a friend that says 'they really hate it when you call them things they don't fully comprehend.' I can understand your feelings but your letter protrays you probably as far less capable than you truly are. I am glad you will be making twice the money, but that would be rare for most FT sups.

    Good Luck!
    Go UPS!
  20. ups_vette

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    I really don't what is funnier. This troll, rngri4, or those who respond to his/her posts with admiration and agreement.

    Do any of you truly believe that the US Military would allow this troll to go to Iraq and take the place of a friend for a few weeks because the friend needed some time off in Iraq? He/she acts like he can come and go to Iraq anytime he/she feels like it and you buy into this story.

    In other posts he states he was injuried in combat and transfered to Germany for treatment, recovered, came home and worked at UPS for a few days, and then went back to Iraq and you respond as though he/she is a hero.

    He/she had an alter ego post as "rngri4 wife" and you fell for that troll as well.

    Now he/she posts he/she resigned from UPS, found another job that pays twice as much, but is leaving that new job to go back to Iraq for a few months.

    My nephew served in Iraq for 15 months and will be going back shortly for his 2nd tour. My nephew, nor any other soldier, dosen't have the option to go to Iraq when they feel like it, or leave after a few weeks when they want.

    As I said in the beginning, I'm not sure what is funnier, the troll or those of you who respond. Are you people that desperate to have a anti-UPS hero that you're willing to believe anything a troll posts? Because the troll claims to be a UPS management person who agrees with you on how bad the company is, and also claims to be a war hero in Iraq you rush to praise.

    HaHaHaHa this whole rngri4 episode is funny.