Respecting Memorial Day in Massachusetts

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    A revolting (but true) story:

    The Good
    A ten year old boy goes to the Memorial Day celebration in his town with his family. After the 21 gun salute, a uniformed veteran gives the boy an empty rifle casing. The boy is so proud! He has family members that have served. The next day, he brings it to school to show it off.

    The Bad
    A teacher sees the empty rifle casing, seizes it, and the boy is immediately suspended. When I say immediately, I mean it. Mom had to leave work to come get him.

    The Ugly
    The ugly part of this is we have so-called adult school officials who can't tell the difference between an actual threat and a souvenir! This is unacceptable. What in the world is this country coming to??

    I urge all my BC friends to email the superintendent of schools and tell her how ridiculous this is! Brooke Clenchy

    Story can be found here:

    Thanks! I also wrote my congressmen, I was p/o!
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    If the school has a zero tolerance policy for anything involving guns, including spent cartridges, then there was an infraction. Suspension may have been a bit much, but when there is zero tolerance, they have to do something. Maybe a reprimand would have been sufficient.

    Nothing to write the school or congressmen about IMO.
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    Well, More, maybe they should have a zero tolerance rule about pencils. A sharpened pencil is far more dangerous than an empty rifle casing.

    It's called "common sense", and common sense was not used in this case.
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    How true, there is no "common sense" in today's educational system. We have had kids kicked out for finger nail files and clippers, plastic knives to cut cakes, tylenol, and cough drops. I know of one Eagle Scout who was kicked out because he had forgot he left a hatchet in his trunk after a weekend camping trip. My wife works as a substitute teacher. Its alright to cuss and hit the teacher though, nothing is usually done.
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    Over....I don't like the way the schools are today either. I'm still for corporal punishment. But, when the idiot school makes a rule, it's a rule.

    I know, their "drug rules" also include passing a cough drop....oh brother.

    I hate it and I'm glad I'm not dealing with schools today.....I have a terrible temper and there's no telling who I would smack.