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    Special Delivery: UPS Driver Finds, Returns $5,200 - Fox News

    A United Parcel Service driver's unscheduled delivery in New Jersey has made one retailer very grateful.

    John Piontkowski spotted a bank bag in the middle of the road while he was making deliveries in Randolph. Inside, he found $5,200 and a Bank of America deposit slip showing the money came from Stuyvesant Liquors in Jersey City.

    The driver took the money to the bank. He told the Daily Record of Morristown that he never considered keeping the cash.
  2. I wonder what I would have done??
    Probably thought of keeping it and then I probably would have suspected a trap set by Local 2727 to get me in trouble somehow
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    I would honestly consider to keep at first. But my conscience would haunt me for a long time so I would return it too eventually. Can't keep money that someone else might've worked his ass off to earn it.
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    I know I would have done the same thing.
  5. Me Too!:happy-very:
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    Accolades to John Piontkowski. Its refreshing to read a nice story about a good UPSer. Your actions send the kind of message to the public that represents the true spirit of UPS, honesty, integrity in its greatest form. Good for you John.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Alright! let's all send this guy a ton of reps...oh wait he's not registered here. Hey! Kudos man! You'll get that honesty returned to you ten-fold.
  8. You always have the option of sending the reps to UPSSOCKS in honor of John