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Carrier: United Parcel Service
Service: Ground

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Card (...2766, Expires 04/2010): $32.49
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Description Item Color Size Qty Each Total Blend Qtr Top 6pk Embroid Logo 112411/50 Brown M 1 $24.00 $24.00 Subtotal $24.00 Freight charge $6.50 Sales tax (6.50%) $1.99 Total $32.49

I havent worn UPS issue socks in a while but lately we have had some apperance issues. I cant believe how pricey these things are.


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I did buy the Cintas 1/4 socks off the UPERS.com link last Spring. And unlike most of you, mine have held up and still have the Logos on them. I do admit that I went against my own advice concerning shoes, I have worn a pair of lightweight Rockport Hiking shoes all summer instead of a low cut work boot. They are comfortable, but not waterproof at all. The top of the shoe doesn't touch the logo, so its not knocked off. They have faded out a lot, and are way over-priced. I think that the company should furnish us with socks, with a shoe allowance, should be in the contract. And shoe polish too! I have to dig it out of the supply cage, they don't put it in the shoeshine racks here anymore.:bored:


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I have a pair of hiking shoes that I wear when the forecast is dry, and another pair that is goretex for when it is raining. Also, as far as the shoes go, that is a tax deduction, since it is work related. Also, laundry is a deduction if you do it at home, or at a laundry.