RIP Carl Oglesby

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    On Tuesday, Carl Oglesby who help found the 1960's Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) passed away. Carl, along with Karl Hess and Murray Rothbard understood there was a common ground running through the ideals of the old right, libertarianism and the new left and wanted to forge that bond. It was happening until the SDS was overtaken by more radical elements and had Karl kicked to the curb because in effect he wasn't Marxist enough. Fact is, he wasn't Marxist at all.

    The right/left coalition of the Carl Oglesby SDS era has been written about from the likes of "The American Conservative" here but yesterday Jesse Walker at Reason magazine wrote this piece on Carl. But also of interest is a 2008' interview Bill Kauffman did with Carl for Reason magazine.

    When you understand a little of the history and the connections of the old right and the new left and what that could have meant politically speaking, one begins to understand the far greater damage the later SDS marxist's bomb throwers did to the ideal of freedom and liberty.