RIP Don Knotts


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His Barney was not only enjoyed during my childhood but in the years since and the years ahead it will always bring a smile to a face no matter how many times I see it. You rarely ever meet a soul who wouldn't give anything to live in Mayberry. Sad we can't figure out and achieve that good of a life!

GodSpeed Barney!


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Don't forget Three's Company too.

The earliest memory I have of Don Knotts is when he played Cpl. Brown in "No Time For Sergeants" and he had to put up with that big hillbilly, Will Stockdale played, of course, by Andy Griffith......what a hoot!!

Also, Mr. Limpet, Ghost & Mr. Chicken and Shakiest Gun in the West.

Also, if you are really, really old you'll remember the man on the street interviews that Steve Allen used to do on the old Tonight Show.......Louis Nye & Don Knotts were the best!! I used to sneak out of bed to watch that bet your bippy, I did!!

What a natural comedian he was. A final salute to you Deputy Fife with the bullet in your pocket.
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So sorry that Don Knotts passed away. The first time I saw him was when he played the the Air Force Doctor giving Will Stockdale (Andy Griffin) the mental exam in "No Time For Sargeants", a true classic. As Deputy Barney Fife, he was the perfect sidekick to Sheriff Andy Taylor. The "Andy Griffin Show" was never the same after he left, I think that was a bad career move on his part. I still laugh like crazy watching that show on "TV Land". Too bad they can't write good shows like that anymore.


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"I wish...I wish...I wish I was a fish!"

When I was young, they had Saturday movie day at the high school where I saw The Incredible Mr Limpet.