RIP George

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    He was a 'wordsmith" !!

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    He was The Man, indeed. And a very smart and interesting guy, his death is a real loss.
    Here's one of his last interviews, given earlier this year.

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    What about the lesser seen side of Georgre Carlin? OK, he was a master at questioning authority and having you laugh your ass off while he did it. Of recent, his "We Like War" routine was known to even make those "prowar" if you will. laugh with abandon. He had that way about him.

    Op-ed's are all about as to George's contributions to the political even though to my knowledge I never heard him express any political flavor at all and in this day and age, that's refeshing and welcomed IMO. Here's one such example of George's contribution towards one of those political flavors to some degree. I believe there are many flavors that could assert the same suggestions so it just proves the impact and reach of the man himself.

    But the otherside or lesser seen side of George was one I saw back in the early and mid 90's as my young kids were coming up. An almost daily morning fixture was the PBS show "ShiningTime Station" in which George was the Conductor who always provided that thoughtful wisdom in dealing with a situation as storyteller of the events of Thomas the Tank Engine and the choices in life he had to face. Not sure how many episodes he played on (a handful at best I think) but I always loved to watch the shocked faces when someone would always ask, "what do you like to watch with your kids?" to which I always replied "George Carlin!" Most reactions were absolute horror and a few got pretty bad until I said these simple words, "Thomas the tank engine" and then a calm quite would fill the room.

    George challenged us to think no doubt but I'll always remember him as a the kind and good railroad conductor on a children's program. He may have had a crude, vulgar and almost percieved non-moral side (and was that last one ever wrong IMO) but when it was all about kids, it was completely and totally the opposite. That's the side, the side of hope and goodness for the future, that I will remember George for.

    Just another repetitious post that knows no bounds!
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    Stuff was my favorite. It so describes most of us.