RIP Jack Palance


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I just saw that he had passed. One of the few who played the real heavy and then took that same persona and transformed it over to comedy later in his career.

Also RIP to Ed Bradley. When I saw his recent piece on 60 minutes about the Duke Sex scandal, not only did I find it informative but I felt well balanced. I really hadn't paid much attention to this whole affair but I'm glad Ed came along to give me something to ponder on. While watching, I kept thinking to myself he looked aged or something but had no clue he was ill. Also knew that he liked jazz but never knew he was a jazz radio DJ when he began his career. No wonder he always came across so cool.

Enjoyed the 60 minutes crew on Larry King the other night talking about his career. The time Ed pulled the joke informing CBS that from this point forward he wanted to go by his African name was a hoot. You'll be missed Ed.