Road Trip To Colorado - Seeking some Camping/Backpacking Suggestions...

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    I'm not quite sure where to post this...hopefully this is not the old fogey's forum, although I would appreciate some wisdom.

    I was born in Colorado, but moved to Texas before age 6. I've visited Colorado numerous times, but mostly in my younger days staying in Denver, Colorado Springs, Alamosa, and a few times in Pueblo and Snowmass. I will be departing on a roadtrip with the GF on the morning of Saturday June 14th. To get there we will set off from well east of Dallas and probably take the "scenic" (yeah right) back way of HWY 287 through Decatur, Wichita Falls, to Amarillo. The old backway that I know continues on through Dumas, Dalhart, and Raton, NM. She does not want to drive straight through. I am not stopping or staying in Amarillo. The more appropriate route would by West on HWY 40 into New Mexico. The indian trinket gas stations are a plus. There seems to be a more than decent amount of green on the map north of Santa Fe.

    I have a decent amount of camping and backpacking gear. I don't at the moment have GPS nor do I necessarily want to take a three day hike into the back country. We both enjoy the outdoors. I would like to spend the first half of the week camping or backpacking in Northern New Mexico and Colorado. I've never been to The Rocky Mountain National Forest, but that seems a little too epic and a little too far to the North. I normally don't enjoy lake fishing, but I do enjoy trout fishing with bait and a hook.

    I would like to spend the second half of the week introducing her to family mostly in Colorado Springs and Denver...maybe a hotel night of gambling and buttseks.

    I'm more of a wing it type person, she's more of needs-a-plan. I'm just a little worried about a lack of memory of area knowledge and changes due to drought, forest fires, closures, etc.

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    There is a lot to see in the Colorado Springs area. We went there several times for a weekly vacation when I was younger. The Durango to Silverton railroad is a nice day trip. The Garden of the Gods is nice as well. Air force academy is there. We fished in a scenic river right outside of town. I think it was called the American river, but I might be mistaken. There are several casinos in driving distance if that is your thing. We went to the flying W guest ranch, but I think it burnt up in a wildfire years back. We rode the cog train up Pike's Peak. Personally, I don't trust any air I can't see, and there wasn't much to breathe on Pike's Peak. There are a lot of tourist-y places to go, just check in the lobby of any hotel. Hope this helps.
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    Do I hit on 16?
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    Smart phone. Google maps. Run keeper plus will have most trail marked. If you fail to plan, plan to fail.
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    Altitude has exactly the effect people say except it's not stressed nearly enough. About twelve years ago, my wife and I went out there. Stopping in the mountains we walked to a scenic overlook a couple hundred yards away. I couldn't believe how winded I was. Plan that in to whatever backpacking you an to do.
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    Buttseks is :censored2: funny
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    Even our vehicle suffered from the altitude. Houston is about 50' above sea level. Our car was gasping as well. Sputtering, missing, etc. It went back to normal when we headed back south. Drinking a lot of water helps, it seems like.
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    I'm guessing you may have experienced it to some degree during your unfortunate divorce.
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    Re-read the OP.
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    You were asking what it is.
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    Not too worried about being winded or drained. More worried about any headaches. Any proactive remedies? I should ask the football teams that play in Mile High Stadium.
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    Thanks for the input. I'm still needing suggestions on Northern New Mexico camping near Santa Fe or Taos.

    Also any other input on scenic day trains?
  15. Stay away from the cronic.
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    Gambling and buttseks. Two things that go great together.
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    The wife and I made 2 trips back to back in 87' and 88' to Colorado and for my money backpacking, Rocky Mountain National out of Estes Park. Once we got acclimatized to the altitude coming from the SE US, we loved it. SW corner of Colorado from Ouray/Silverton/Durango is nice and we also just more or less camped on Grand Mesa and mostly day walking around the area. And at 10k feet, the stars at night were breath taking.

    Think serious about Rocky Mountain National and go for it. You will not be sorry!
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    One if the most important thinks you need to do before hiking/backing. Let somebody know your itinary. When you leave, where you are going, and when you will be back. It is easier to find you that way.
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    Sangre De Cristo mountains* Northern NM and southern Co. are awesome . I back packed 12 days with the boys (scouts) @ Philmont in 2001 best trip ever. Plan some day hikes and as posted earlier remember the altitude .Going from sea level to 7,000 feet and up is a killer. I was out last September and did some day hikes with my son and my brother(part mountain goat). Check out garden of the Gods , USAF Academy, Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park loop drive , Red Rocks, Boulder is a neat little town Coors tour is something to do.
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    I almost forgot if you are going to camp out back remember to hang any and all "smellables" food, soap ,deodorant, toothpaste, etc. in a bear bag, or store in a camp provided lock box. You do not need any unwanted night time visitors.