Romney avoided $100 million in taxes

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    A highly regarded Dutch newspaper reported this:

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    This is a tax dodge known as the 'Double Irish with a Dutch sandwich'. Infographic for those who have a hard time visualizing what Romney did:
    ‘Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich’ - Graphic -

    This man is not fit for anything but a cell. He is no patriot, just a con man. Add this to the tax dodge he used with the Mormon church:
    Romney Avoids Taxes via Loophole Cutting Mormon Donations - Bloomberg

    What a guy. Never mind that Ann Romney thinks her sons serving as Mormon missionaries is the same as serving a few tours in Afghanistan for their country.
    Tagg Romney served in Bordeaux, France.
    Matt Romney served in Paris France.
    Josh Romney served in Leeds, England.
    Ben Romney served in Australia.
    Craig Romney served in Santiago, Chile.

    Must have been tough on the lads.

    At least in 48 hours these crooks will be relegated to the trash bin of history.
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    'Double Irish with a Dutch sandwich'

    This is something that every good stripper knows !!!

    All those countries served by the Romney kids....did the Dutch (couldn't find an American paper?) paper mention they learned thelanguages of those their own expense?
    Being away from your family and serving your church is a noble cause.......and totally financed by the families.

    Did it also mention that the military is VOLUNTARY ???????

    Maybe you could have better luck researching in a Middle Eastern newspaper !!!
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    Moreluck, Bless your heart. The Dutch paper did not mention the Romney spawn at all, just the tax evasion. You wouldn't expect to find news about Romney's tax evasion in the corporate American press, would you? Reading comprehension is not a strong suite here in the cafe.

    The Romney spawn all went to prep schools, French is taught there as a mandatory subject. Spanish they learned to tell the maids and gardeners what to do. I believe England and Australia speak a language similar to their native tongue. Bordeaux and Paris must have been a living hell for them, like it was for their dad. It was Ann that equated being a missionary in Paris to serving in the military, not I.

    The fact remain that Mittens evaded taxes for decades by means that are not exactly available to the rest of us, and why should they be? He is obviously of a different class, and the rules don't apply.

    Like I said, only 48 hours until they are tossed in the dustbin of history, to be forgotten forever. Good riddance.
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    My gut tells me Romney will lose on trust......
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    Was laughing too hard after reading that to continue!!!!

    Why don't you check what the National Enquirer has to say about it, Roadrunner!!!!!!
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    Mormon missionaries are educated for their missions at the Missionary Training Centers......that's where they learn the language. (prep schools are not training centers for missionaries! Some have to learn Chinese. Don't you know anything about the Mormon church?

    "All Mormon missionaries serve voluntarily, not receiving any salary from the church for their work, typically supporting themselves financially or through assistance from family and other church members. Many young LDS members save money during their teenage years to afford missionary expenses when they are so called to serve."

    Yeah,that practice is diabolical!!

    Newly called missionaries attend a short training period at one of 17 church Missionary Training Centers (MTCs) worldwide.[SUP][20][/SUP] The largest MTC is located in Provo, Utah[SUP][21][/SUP] adjacent to Brigham Young University. Missionaries who will not be learning a language in order to serve their missions spend three weeks at an MTC where they practice using proselytizing materials, learn expected conduct, and study the scriptures. Missionaries bound for foreign-language missions spend eight to thirteen weeks at an MTC, depending on the language to be learned. During this period, they are encouraged not to speak in their native tongue but rather to immerse themselves in the new language."
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    We are going to get 1 of 2 candidates. I'll take the better of the 2 choices. I'll take the one who does not support RADICAL ISLAM !!!!!!!
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    Rich person avoids taxes? That isn't even news anymore.
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    When they run for POTUS it is dodger, draft dodger willard
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  12. rrunner

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    Lets ask bin laden about that ..oh yeah..swimming with the fishies....
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    Road Runner... Here's what I don't understand, even if we assume everything you posted above is 100% true. Mitt Romney used legal methods to reduce his tax bill. Whereas, Timothy Geitner and many other members of President Obama's staff did not pay their federal taxes. What does that say? Other high ranking democrats like Charley Rangle former chairman of the house ways and means committee got in trouble for incorrect tax returns.

    The federal tax returns are ridiculous. It should be vastly simplified for both companies and for the individual. Individuals (including wealthy individuals) should be able to sit down and do their taxes in a very brief amount of time with limited total number of deductions. The more deductions and exemptions that exist, the more people can legally use those to reduce their taxes. Also, this is a global marketplace, we have many companies that relocate their HQ overseas to avoid paying US income taxes (or at least reducing the taxes they owe).

    I blame both Republicans and Democrats. The tax code should be completely rewritten, to avoid the ability to use tax havens etc. However, don't blame people who use legal tax laws, blame the politicians who made them.

    I'll admit it, if I was rich, I'd use whatever legal methods existed to lower my tax bills. I think 99% of the people would do the same. Currently, I deduct the interest off of my house on my taxes, I claim deductions\credits for my kids. I could not claim those, but I do to lower my taxes. It is 100% legal, and I will take advantage of those deductions. I'm willing to bet everyone else on this board uses similar deductions (if applicable to them). Again, how can you call someone a tax cheat when they are doing what is within the law? Yet, you don't mention real tax cheats like Rangle and Geitner?????????

    Hmm, what do they have in Common. I'll give you a hint before Sesame Street loses it's federal funding courtesy of the next President.. This message was brought to you by the Letter "D", and the number "16,000,000,000,000" (Too bad the count died recently, he would have loved to count the current debt.
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    Would have been nice to see those Pesky tax returns to see if all those facts would add up.. but alas willard knows it would have sunk him..Why did McCain pick wingnut palin over willard??23 years worth of TAX RETURNS!!
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    Yeah, and AlQaeda is on the run..........more fairy tales!!!!
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    Moreluck, Willard's sons all went to Belmont Hill School for Boys. French and Spanish is in the curriculum. Look it up. It's not like they went to public school and then learned foreign languages through the LDS.
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    There are cheats everywhere, both R & D. The R's seem to be the really big cheats, though.

    I have no problem using regular tax deductions to minimize your exposure. I do have a problem with the extremely wealthy not paying their share of taxes. Spend some time looking up what Willard has done since the 1990's to obfuscate where his money comes from. Look at his IRA and tell me that he didn't under value stocks knowingly.

    I found an article that says it much better than I could. Allow me to quote a small portion of it:

    Let’s get one thing straight; the Americans Romney considers parasites are not avoiding paying taxes, using offshore tax shelters, “renting” the Mormon tax exemption, using questionable $100-million IRAs, or Swiss Bank accounts like Willard, they are either retired, too poor, or disabled from war to earn enough income to pay taxes. Romney on the other hand, deliberately uses a variety of mechanisms that keep his tax rate lower than the average American, and when one considers there are Fortune 500 corporations and thousands of millionaires who pay nothing in income taxes, Romney’s remarks about the 47% takes on a new level of outrage. One wonders how many wealthy donors paid nothing in income taxes and applauded Romney as he demeaned 47% of the population for not paying taxes, and how many were Mormons who know their filthy rich church also pays no taxes.

    It is no wonder Romney refuses to release more than 2 years of tax returns, and no doubt there are secrets that would anger Americans if they knew that he may have avoided any tax liability, but the people will never know. What people do know is Romney avoids paying gift and estate taxes by setting up trusts for his kids, stashes millions in the Cayman Islands, and by still playing an active role at Bain Capital avoids taxes even after he “retroactively retired.” If that is not bad enough, Romney’s tax plan slashes tax rates by 20%, and since he pays less than 15% now, his tax rate would be negative 5% and qualify him for a healthy refund. All the while, the despicable cretin has the temerity to call 47% of the population parasites for not taking responsibility for their lives the same as the Mormon Church that “rents” Willard tax-exempt status, gives him a yearly income, a charitable deduction, and eliminates capital gains tax. The only parasites in America are Romney, his Mormon cult, many of the largest corporations, and thousands of millionaires who pay little or no income taxes by hiding their money and “renting” a church’s tax exemption.
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    Who gives a damn?

    Arrest him and put him in jail.

    Don't vote for him and leave it at that.....geez.
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    Where did they go for their Mission Training???? The mission is what you were putting down.

    Obama's kids don't go to public school either !!! So ?????
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    I'm not sure what the point of this thread is. It comes across as Mitt Romney is smart enough to not pay an extra 100 million dollars in taxes, yet you seem to oppose Romney. I'm thinking you don't want someone smart as President?

    Then there is the whining about tax returns even after Romney released tax returns. Desperation?