Sabbath Keeper Wins $311,166 in Lawsuit

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    Sabbath Keeper Wins $311,166 in Lawsuit - The Conservative Voice

    Todd Sturgill, 41, of Springdale, Arkansas, won $311,166.75 in lost wages and punitive damages, per Adventist News Network.
  2. dave_socal

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    This just shows how bad our Jury/Award system of justice has gone south.This Guy now opens the door for all types of religious excuses not to work like everyone else and to litigate for his"RIGHTS" thats just GREAT.
  3. Jones

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    You think this guy became a 7th day adventist just so he could clock out early on friday? I'm not sure about "religious excuses not to work" scenario. It's pretty much the only reason we get Sundays off and I don't hear anyone complaining. Lets wait and see if the floodgates really open as far as people begging off work because of their religious beliefs, I kinda doubt it, but ya never know.
  4. trickpony1

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    Dave social,

    You're right......

    Religion, disability, gender, race, etc. let's just take everyone affected with any one of these afflictions out and shoot them.........those dirty bastards.

    Then we can start our own superior race, kinda like Hitler, complete with breeding farms. Only those proclaimed by the council to be of worthy genetic and bloodlines (probably only management) will be allowed conjugal visits to the farms.

    We could start a youth program also so that we don't have to wait 18 years for the first fair haired sons/daughter of the breeding farms to come of age. Also, with todays technology we can put computer chips under everyone's skin to track their every move and update personal data....sure beats the old prisoner number tattooed on the person.

    Sig Heil!
  5. dannyboy

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    Interesting. does not say if he got his job back.

    Dave Why not give rights to those with deep religious convictions? We have to give them to every other group with real and made up problems. Oh I know, you dont understand deep moral beliefs. You dont believe in something being concrete right and wrong.

    If the man truly beleives that working past dark on friday night is wrong for him, then that ought to be respected. Not just things you deam worthy of respect.

  6. over9five

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    Not long ago here, many feeder drivers and inside people were switched from M-F to Sunday-Thursday. What if all of them had sued the company?

    Instead, the local president has been (effectively) replaced for agreeing to that deal.
  7. dannyboy

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    Hey big guy

    IF the move was to pose a problem with the religious convictions of the drivers and part timers involved, then yes, they should have had consideration of both the union and the company.

    I have a problem with a side deal being able to be cut between the union and the company without any say so of the rank and file.

    So someone that had an issue with the move, I would recommend suing the union and the company.

    But be prepared, if you claim religious convictions about working on Sunday, they will be watching you. No shopping, no mowing lawns, no going out to eat, etc etc as that would give them grounds not to grant you the damages. And believe me, you will be watched very closely.

  8. dave_socal

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    Nice leap don't put words in my post/mouth tricky but i love your vivid imagination LMAO:w00t:
  9. dannyboy

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    I just got off the phone with Todd. Says he is still fighting in the appeals process. It has been a long time, and now at least a year more.

    He is having to sell his home and move.

    Nice guy. Hate the company can not allow those with religious convictions to follow their conscience.