sad news on UPS Driver in NJ

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    Mahwah crash kills UPS driver
    Thursday, July 19, 2007


    MAHWAH -- A tractor-trailer slammed into a Route 17 guardrail Wednesday morning, killing the driver and causing traffic delays throughout the day.
    UPS driver David Brown, 47, of Schenectady, N.Y., was killed when his truck struck a guardrail and then a concrete support column near the Mountainside Road overpass around 6 a.m.

    Because the vehicle was towing two full trailers, most of the damage likely was caused by the force of the shipment slamming into the cab, said Police Capt. Stephen Jaffe.
    "Without that momentum -- without that full weight -- it probably wouldn't have been crushed so badly," the captain said.
    Police closed all three northbound lanes of the highway for about four hours before reopening one of them for New York State Thruway access.
    Traffic remained backed up well into the afternoon.
    Jaffe said the tandem trailer, bound for Albany, N.Y., from Philadelphia, Pa., was headed north when Brown somehow lost control and it careered off a guardrail near Mountainside Road.
    It traveled about 100 feet before slamming into a concrete support column for the Route 287 overpass, Jaffe said. After striking the cab, the trailers came to a rest across the Route 17. No one else was injured.
    The Bergen County Police hazardous materials team was called to the scene because one of the trailers bore a corrosive-materials placard, Jaffe said.
    But neither of the trailers seemed to have been carrying such materials.
    "The freight was mostly UPS boxes," Jaffe said. "It doesn't look like anything was disrupted or broken open."
    Although rain pounded across most of the region Wednesday morning, Jaffe wouldn't speculate on the accident's cause. "We have no determination so far, as the investigation is going on," he said.
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    my prayer goes out to his family..........
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    The second UPS driver we lost in this state this year. Prayers also to his family.
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    This is just awful. On a side note: since when do we placard our trailers?
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    Most likely UPS Freight.

    Thoughts and prayers for family and his co-workers.
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    My prayers go to all concerned! :(
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    Agreed. UPS doesn't placard the Ground service's trailers.

    Thoughts and prayers to the family. -Rocky
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think placards are only required for more than a 1000 lbs of hazards,but seals and haz mat papers must be in front cab,usually on dashboard,visor,or in drivers shirt pocket.....This news sux..Even more reason to step back,double check your equipment, pre-trip and tell dispatch safety first if you feel your being rushed.Drive cautisously and leave plenty of space between you and the next vehicle...I hope he didn't fall asleep.If you must ,pull over and take a 1/2hr power nap even if you took your full hour lunch.Remember,packages are not worth more than coming home to your family....God bless
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    Second driver we lost Thursday! one in Syracuse NY(package car driver,Robert Murdock,49) on the NYS Thru-way & David Brown,47 of Schenectady NY, Just terrible My prayers go out for them and their families.
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    The driver was an employee of UPS Freight in Albany NY. He was running what we call the minihub operation from Philadelphia PA. The trailer was carrying a 1300# pallet of batteries. That is why the trailer was placarded.
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    Holy Sh$t

    Why dont we ever hear about this at UPS in our Pcm`s? Same state and we have to hear about it on a damn post board. Tell us we are the least best in the district and ask for sales leads but never information about our fellow workers. We had a NYPD cop killed last week and they basically shut down the town where the memorial was held and the police lined up and down the blocks as far as your eyes can see. If I had to put a number on it, Id say 10,000 police easlily. No one should have to pay the price of death while at work.
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    This was part of the PCM's at UPS Freight. We were advised the next morning and all terminals are taking up a collection for the family