Salt Water used for fuel? also cures cancer?

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    Salt Water Can "Burn," Scientist Confirms - National Geographic

    John Kanzius of Sanibel, Florida, first happened upon the phenomenon earlier this year when running experiments with a radio frequency generator he designed to help zap cancer cells.

    When he trained the radio waves on a test tube of salt water, it produced an unexpected spark, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    Curious, Kanzius and colleagues decided to ignite the water with a match. The water lit and kept burning as long as it remained in the radio frequency field.

    Pennsylvania State University's Roy then followed up, intrigued by the technology's potential applications for desalination and hydrogen fuel.
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    Cheryl, One word sums it up..WOW
    Possibly solving 2 of our greatsest challenges..alternative energy and curing cancer. And Dr Kanzuis has made it clear, he's not for sale!
    I say we protect this guy and his lab like Ft Knox from the Pharmacueticals and Big Oil conspirators.
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    Salt Water Fuel Source
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    That is awesome Cheryl and thanks for posting it. Where this leads we do not know but I'm happy to see smart folks think outside the box and get creative for answers. At some point, someone will stumble onto to something and this potential paradigm shift could change everything in the way of geo-politics and how we have to address the mideast and it's black gold.

    I for one look forward to the day we can look to the entire mideast and tell the whole rotten apple to go rot in HE11! And Chavez too!

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    As a new fuel source,no.
    It takes more energy to make salt water "burn", than the energy produced.
    Not to mention the heavy metals that becomes vapor as the burning process of sea water occurs.

    Fire from Salt Water

    John Kanzius has found a way to burn salt water with the same radio wave machine he is using to kill cancer cells.

    Kanzius was testing his external radio-wave generator to see if it could desalinate salt water, and the water ignited. A university chemist determined that the process is generating hydrogen, which can be burned as fuel.

    While the phenomenon is interesting, it is not yet practical for energy generation. More energy is consumed by the radio frequency device than is produced for burning. Efficiency-wise, they are presently at around 76 percent of Faraday's theoretical limit. (Other Hydrogen-from-Water methods, such as the one being pursued by Bob Boyce (, are approaching 7x).

    Kanzius says if someone wants to buy up the rights to the technology, that would be fine. He would use the funds to finance his quest to cure cancer.

    I am not a "nay sayer" in looking for alternative fuels, but I doubt this will pan out.
    On the other hand, I see great promise in the cancer research. Anytime you can target and kill specific areas that contain cancer cells, while not destroying the healthy tissue around it, has to be a positive.
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    This is pretty amazing yet we may never live to see it in action.
    What blows me away is how fast things change,and how much it affects us all.I read a book once about a pharmaceutical company that sent a team to the amazon back in the 50's and they came back with
    many new drugs including birth control.Who would have thought that I would be sitting in front of a monitor talking to people 2000 miles away at the touch of a keyboard.Hell I failed grade 9 typing back in 1969.
    I was camping when I watched the guys walk on the moon on a portable TV.10,000 years from now things will be a lot different.I think China will
    be on its way out by then,and the new conitinent of california will raise up from the ocean .
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    I'm sure we can make(or already have) solar, wind, and even high effiicient gas/ethenol/bio-diesel power generators much power do you need for low frequencey radio waves ?
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    I don't know.
    The info was from an article I read on the discovery and it did not go into the specifics.
    Basically, it stated that the imput energy far outweighed the output.
    The ability to split water(a very simple process) into the two basic components of hydrogen and oxygen, then burn them, and the only by- products are heat and pure water, has always held my interest.
    As always, it comes down to cost in the energy it takes to seperate the two.
    A new breakthrough in making solar panels may help in lowering the imput cost.
    Solar panels are now being "printed" onto clear vinyl backing. They are very flexible and contour to any surface. They will come in rolls just like butcher paper and can easily be mass produced. There could be a lot of applications for this product.
    Until we figure out a way to make and control a fusion reactor, everything else seems like piece meal patching of our energy needs, before our carbon based energy source dries up.