Saying So Long after 6 Horrible Years with UPS Freight

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    I am a soon to be former Manager for UPS Freight in the So. California area. While The pay is good, and the retirment is hard to match, working for UPS Freight was just no longer a viable option for me. I have been in the trucking industry for 17 years (6 with UPS Freight) and I can tell you, nothing has changed, or will change about it. Small Package may be different, but the freight division is Not Small Package, as much as UPS wants it to be. The bottom line of a business is to be profitable. That's why company's are in business, to make money, but when you beat your money making goal by over a quarter million dollars on a monthly basis, and continue to daily get beatings from regional management, eventually, you have to say enough is enough.
    The word failure is directed at us manager's daily. "you failed, who are you holding accountable, how can you let this happen?" It is the trucking industry, and people do the jobs. Last time I checked, no human is perfect and we all make mistakes. Feeling threatened daily by those in the ivory tower is just not worth it. Like I noted, Retirement is great, but take a look at many of the "30 year" UPS employees and tell me how long you think they will live after retirement. Many of them look like the walking dead. Sad fact I know, but this company kills it's people, especially managers, for the all mighty dollar. Oh, Boo Hoo, we only make 1.4 billion on a plan to make 1.5 billion. We are all failures. That is truly a sad existance.
    I have one thing to say to all my fellow, soon to be former fellow managers. There is life outside of UPS. There are companies out there, who do "Value" their employees, with a kind word or a hand shake, not just by paying them well, although they do that too. You do NOT have to sit there and get beat up every day. You do not have to tolerate the constant harrassing, the constant negative mentality. A manager I used to report too, said on a regional conference call once, "we all need to be constructively dissatisfied with our people every day." Are you kidding me? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? So never be happy, never say, we did a good job? How egotistical and how shallow, and how demoralizing. I feel truly sorry for any manager, working for UPS Freight. Several have quit in the past few weeks, and I will add myself to that list Monday.
    UPS Freight Pacific Region upper managerment, one closing thought. You have good people working in your region. And in the last month, you have fired or let 5 managers quit, combining for over 100 years of trucking expierence. These people all worked very hard, every day to make the best of a very difficult operational plan. These were all good people who you continuously took advantage of, beat up on and treated poorly. All we would hear is "get in front of your people, show them you care." Well, take your own advice. Learn to show you care. You would be suprised what you can get out of them. I learned one very important thing from you all, how not to be a Micro Manager. Look up that term and read what experts say about that management style and the desctruction it can have on your employees. Good luck to you all. Glad I am out of there!!!
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    "constructively dissatisfied" The new management buzz words . What else would you expect from a company that's ceo is an accountant , who never loaded,unloaded, sorted or delivered a package !!! This poor manager is an enigma .He has a heart !God bless you and good luck!
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    Best of luck to you, one of the most honest and scathing posts I have read in a long time.
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    First of all, if the company knows you are not coming in Mon, I'm surprised you're still able to use your fingers, to type, that is. Funny? It's not meant to be. As I stated before, I knew a parcel supe in another district that gave his two week notice. In less than 2 seconds, his manglers said, "Well, how bout that? How time flies. Looks like two weeks is up RIGHT NOW!" His feet didn't even touch the ground when he was escorted out!

    Second, congrats to you. You have the steelies to quit, move on and to tell about it.

    Everything you said is true, though, sad to say. I have abosolutely nothing new to add. I was in the parcel side, as an hourly with the last 2 as feeder steward and have seen the same things you talked about. On the sly, some of the supes and mags will cry and sob about how bad it is and getting worse. On the open, we SEE it. As steward, when confronting mangler about resolving, what seemed to be a simple solution, he would merely say, "I can't. I don't have the power. We have to pass it on to Labor Mangler". Sad.

    Making unreasonable demands in scheduling? Sure! All the computer sees is what's put in and what's put in is a "perfect" day in every situation and we all know there are no perfect days. You, as a mangler, have to then kick butt as to why I didn't turn it into a perfect day. And, what gets me now is why managers and supes are supposed to show such aggresiveness in handling such issues, going so far as to mete out warning letters or terminations, yet will not, can not stand up to their superiors and tell them they are doing the best they can. Oh, I know there are many underlying issues all around the world but basically that's what WE see.

    I still say I'd like to see somebody from Atlanta be on the program "Undercover Boss". It doesn't have to be Davis but should be somebody that has implemented alot of these ridiculous notions and practices the company is engaged in today. We all know it ain't gonna or COULDN'T happen. Why? Almost every job here requires such intense training that the one day or one week that they spend on that show ain't even gonna BEGIN to qualify em for a position here, yet they expect all who apply to get it in one take.

    Good luck in your new venture. This company really needs somebody like you but ain't gonna have em. Too bad.
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    I love this place only the strong will survive. I have made it this far and I plan on making it to the end.
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    God bless us all
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    Everybody who works at UPS at whatever management department do not have lives. I was a manager and quit. I found a higher paying job that is not reducing my pay. I am a much happier person now. It took guts to leave cuz I left with no new job to go to. Upper management at Nor Cal district threaten your job everyday then turn around and say this is the best place to be. Yeah right. Had I stayed I would have been divorced or dead by age 50-55 due to un-needed stress that would have given me the same results at work. It's been 6 years now and I still talk to old workers whom are still with UPS. They all are happy for me and want to follow in my footsteps.