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    The suspected gunman responsible for killing five people Friday night in the Cascade Mall, in Burlington, Washington, is in custody. He has been identified as Arcan Cetin, a native of Adana, Turkey.

    Washington State Patrol officers tweeted his arrest at 7:20 p.m. PDT. The suspected shooter was seen and recognized while walking on a street in the town of Oak Harbor and was detained as a person of interest.

    According to his Facebook page, Cetin is a graduate of Oak Harbor High School, class of 2015. Cetin describes his nickname as “The Turk.” His profile says he was formerly a bagger at the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station Commissary.

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    Note that an AR was not used...
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    Life is all about timing. At about 13:00 we walked through macys, looked at espresso machines, then walked through the mall to penny's. Got a pair of nikes and socks. Then walked back through macys, looking at dishes. And out the door.
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    Turkish immigrant....imagine that!
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    shocker !!
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    Spoken like a true American pseudo-patriot.
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    It looks like he is one confused, mentally ill young man.
    Who is Arcan Cetin? The Shocking Clues from Facebook, Twitter, and his Writing
    Arcan Cetin's reported Facebook reveals a lot about the man. He seems relatively popular, with several friends of many different ethnicities. He likes cars and apparently likes the military, U.S. Navy, and Navy Seals.

    Here's a picture of Cetin from his reported Facebook (there are several others there as well):


    On his reported Twitter, which hasn't been recently updated, Cetin mostly talks about random thoughts, including this political one:

    Country is for Republicans and confused Democrats.

    — Arcan (@ArcanCetin) April 22, 2015

    Cetin also reportedly has a Myspace (yes, that still exists). On it, he appears to post photos of himself with guns, and writes this interesting comment: "ME AND MY UNCLE'S (LEFT) M16. No gay comments yes I was "fat" Cmon i lost 50 pounds. I'll take a new picture..Soon" He posts other homophobic comments on other sites as well.

    Here is one of the Myspace photos showing what appears to be him with a gun:


    Arcan Cetin's reported Youtube is mostly about Call of Duty, a video game; his "likes" on Youtube include gun videos, gaming videos, and a bong cleaning video.

    Cetin seems to have two different Tumblrs: one seems to show an obsession with serial killers and has a Confederate flag. The other discusses Mein Kampf, has another Confederate flag, and has this picture of the leader of Iran:

    It also calls the head of ISIS "my main dude":

    Arcan Cetin: Education/Job

    According to his reported Facebook, Arcan Cetin was previously a bagger at Whidbey Island Commissary in Oak Harbor. The commissary is known for serving the armed forces. He was also a member of ROTC in high school.

    He attended the local high school, Oak Harbor High.

    Someone who claims to know him alleges that this is Cetin's Call of Duty account. He also says that Cetin played an anime dating simulator.

    @KEEMSTAR the @ArcanCetin shooter from Canada played Cod after the shooting and he also played a anime dating simulator

    — Jamz (@jamzgoeshamz) September 25, 2016

    Arcan Cetin: Criminal History

    Regarding his criminal history, according to USA Today:

    Cetin was involved in a number of cases in recent years, according to the Washington court database.
    Cetin has faced three assault charges related to domestic violence, the Seattle Times reported. They involved his father.
    A judge told Cetin Dec. 29 he could not possess a firearm, the Times reported. His stepfather convinced the judge not to include a no-contact order because Cetin was "going through a hard time."
    Cetin also has an arrest on a drunken driving charge, the Times reported.

    A woman named Uhlaine, who claims to have gone to Cetin's high school, has accused him of sexual harassment/assault on Facebook:
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    Mmmmmmmm turkeyy
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    gravy over stuffing!!
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    Funny, some criticized the police for saying they were looking for a young Hispanic male. Liberals political correctness could have cost more lives.
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    Political correctness has nothing to do with it. I doubt many here could tell the difference between a Turk and a Latin American. All they see is "not white".
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    True story, nosy neighbor went up to a moving van across the street and started speaking Spanish to the guy. After a few minutes, he says, with no accent, "I have no idea what you are saying, ma'am, I'm Persian."
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    And her reply, "Oh. But I thought all South American nations spoke Spanish."
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    As others have said, all most people see is non-white. I'm also concerned, however, that being PC had people looking for Hispanics instead of a Middle Easterner. The footage from the mall was poor, but I knew from the get-go that it was possible he was not Hispanic. That area is semi-rural, and has a high number of Hispanic residents due to agriculture.
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    Actually she sort of knew Persia, not sure if she knew it was Iranians call themselves in America.

    It was almost 40 years ago when we unfriended Iran, so near the start of history worth knowing.
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    they probably do even if its not their countries primary language.
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    Alphabetical list of countries in Europe
    • A
    • Albania
    • Andorra
    • Armenia
    • Austria
    • T
    • Turkey

    • U
    • Ukraine
    • United Kingdom (UK)
    • V
    • Vatican City (Holy See)

    source - List of countries in Europe in alphabetical order
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    Yeah. Turkey is not in South America. TTKU.
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    Hispanics also have white colored skin.