Seaonal driver? What to do...ahh...what to do....

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    Hi guys,
    There is a seasonal driving position that has just opened up in my area. I visited the center a few days ago and was able to speak with the manager who would be hiring. He said that the positional was seasonal and would not be a PERMANENT position until AT LEAST the end of '09. He said something about "calling them" to see if I needed to come in. Questions>>> (1) Would I need to call EVERYDAY? (2)Have any of you guys started as a seasonal and worked your way into full time/permanent or is it RARE? (3)Would they put me on a certain route or could I end up being anywhere and everywhere from day to day? (4) For someone who wants to be a full time driver, is this a good alternative to starting as a package handler? (5) Am I GUARANTEED to become a permanent driver SOMEDAY, even though it may take awhile or could I bust my balls everyday/never miss work and STILL not get the job? Hey guys and gals, I appreciate any responses from you!!!
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    I suggest you call regularly. That is if you have the correct phone number. When I was going through the hiring process I got the phone # of my HR person and I called her regularly and left messages stating that I wanted the job and was ready to start ASAP.

    I guess my point is it probably won't hurt to let them know and keep reminding them in a kind manner that you really want the job.
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    I drove seasonal last summer and last peak season and I am not permanent yet. In fact, I busted my balls and ran great numbers everyday and my management wanted to keep me FT but in reality, It's all up to Human Resources....They are the ones who are in charge of who is being sent over to drive...And if you have HR employees who absolutely do everything by the book like in my facility, Then you will have to wait.......As far as what routes they will make you do, You will usually always drive one route the entire time as seasonal....It's actually kind of nice...And I would recommend doing seasonal for the experience if you are wanting package car FT eventually...
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    I've never heard of seasonal drivers, we don't use them in our center during the summer or even peak. It must be a regional type thing because I can tell you they don't use them at all in our division.
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    Pkg-King, you must have cover drivers. We do not have cover drivers. Seasonal drivers for summer and peak and low senoirity full time drivers that get laid off a few weeks in Jan and Feb depending on vacations and days off.
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    You're correct, we have cover drivers. There is about 50 drivers in our center, the bottom 12 or so are cover drivers with no bid route, and can be laid off on a daily basis. The layoffs never reach the fulltime drivers. By not having cover drivers I can now see why some of you guys talk about being over dispatched. If we come up over our max stops the sup just pulls stops off a couple of us and builds a full split or a half split that is run by a cover driver who would have been normally laid-off.
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    I think the term seasonal drivers although generally is just Christmas help,could be the ones that could cover when drivers are on va-ca ,and I think you'll find ffedexdude,that every center and every town in every state,does things thier own way.Why don't you call your interviewer and ask ?
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    I started out as a seasonal feeders driver. I am still seasonal and very little work.