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    I went for an initial interview for a Seasonal Driver position in a MA location. They told me to come back this coming Friday for a road test. It's been a while since I have driven a stick but I am not too concerned about that part. They also gave out a packet with a lot of information and said we would have to know a lot of it word for word. I am just wondering what I should expect and if I should memorize all of this stuff in the packet (Space and Visibility, 10 point commentary checklist) before I go for the road test?
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    After you pass the road test, you will be scheduled to go to a 6 day orientation including another road test. You will need to know the DOK 100% by the end of the class or they won't even consider you. Start studying it now.
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    If it were me I would worry about the road test first and the DOK only if I passed the road test.
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    any tips for the road test itself or just basically common sense?
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Don't hit anything.
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    Driving the UPS truck with standard shift is nothing like driving a regular car, the gears are close ratio and you will need to pump the clutch when shifting.

    -Constantly use your side mirrors
    -When coming to a stop, keep the shifter in gear, do not throw it in neutral
    -Use your E brake at every traffic light stop
    -When you pull over to the side of the road on a hill, turn the wheels to the curb

    These are things they will look for.
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    So when he passes the road test and they ask him his DOK he should say ah......wait I have to study? Ok that's gonna work.
    Learn as much as you can of the DOK before Friday. If you can drive a manual tranny in the least bit you'll be fine with that.
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    Anybody can drive a truck. It's the DOK stuff that will DQ you.
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    I just finished the one week driver orientation for a seasonal driver's job. The road test you'll take first has nothing to do with the 10 Point Commentary or Five Ways of Seeing. They want to know if you can drive a standard tranny, and see if you basically have safe driving habits. One important thing is when they ask you to park on a hilly street, don't roll backwards. This is pretty much a fail factor. Use your emergency brake and accelerate slowly until you feel the truck being held back. Then release the E brake and go.

    I know all the concepts and ideas behind the stuff they want you to know verbatim, but I have a lot of trouble remembering it word for word. I made it through the training without saying every single word, but I'm still studying the stuff.
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    is this packet available to anyone? i want to get a head start and actually apply this DOK stuff while i'm on the road (i already do the 5 seeing habits now) before i make the switch next peak
  12. thatsmypackage

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    The packet (I assume is the work book that the instructor signs off on) is not necessary for studying. All you need is the sheet of paper that has the DOK on it. Some yards have a sticker too, designed for placing next to the door on the truck. I'd go speak to the HR person, he or she should have that stuff.
  13. thatsmypackage

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    Well, my driving instructor was asking people to recite the DOK during the road test... so, It couldn't hurt to brush up on it as early as possible.
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    If you're a regular driver and don't know this stuff, then yes, I'd guess that UPS will be glad to give you the information. The 10 Points kind of blend in with some of the Five Seeing Habits, but they are distinct.

    During my week of training in a huge hub there were two accidents. In one, the guy driving the brownie said he got too focused on watching the cop on road detail giving him directions. He looked left and right, but not left again, and a Jeep slammed into him.

    The other involved a semi-tractor trailer feeder. Here, the driver was paying attention, looking 12 seconds down the road and was able to see a car crossing the yellow line and coming at him. He hit the horn and brakes, and steered toward the shoulder. Instead of hitting head-on, the car hit the side of the trailer, which is a much better place to slam into a truck and survive.
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    You obviously haven't been to my center, have had some sups that scare the $%^& out of you.
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    thanks, Mass... what's in the packet besides 5 & 10? i'm not stepping into the HR office this year, but next september

    ie, rules of backing, yard rules, etc...