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    heres the deal. there were 2 postings in our building. first one was for a seasonal which I signed, then they posted 1 for a permanent position which i also signed. I was sent to integrad and now I am back waiting to go. they still cant tell me what I will be classified as. My understanding is they need 2 drivers to fill when full vacations start. This will be about a 6 dollar difference since I am at the top rate as an air driver. Should I be prepared to be jerked around. Can they use both of us as seasonal drivers?
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    I'm confused. Are you a FT or PT Air driver ?? Do you work the preload or local sort than Drive Air on Sat ??

    Seasonal drivers in my area are hired off the street not from with the building. They work from May 1 to the Second to last week in Sept then get laid off. If they are need they will get called back after Oct 1st than get layed off just before xmass.

    If you are a PTimer and you signed a bid sheet than it should be for a permanent position.
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    There are times that UPS part timers are used as seasonal employees, it depends on where you are.

    You may be either temp or permanent. I would assume that they will jerk you around if they can. Get very familiar with the contract.

    BTW, do you have the seniority to get that permanent bid?
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  5. steel76

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    I am cosidered a part time eam driver
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    Do you only drive EAM's or do you also work the preload ? What happens when they don't need you for EAM's ? Are you considered a PT employee or Temp ?

    You might want to ask you HR Rep and or SUP for more clarification on what job you bid on and if you even have bid rights?

    Good luck