Seasonal vs Permanant year dates:

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    Hey guys, so here's my issue... I was hired July 26th, 2010 as a seasonal worker and rehired as a perm. September 7th. I understood that my seniority date (that is posted on the papers) was July 26th. Everywhere I looked it said July 26th and when I went to put in for my vacation everything was set up. At the last minute, I asked how it would work out and when would I be paid. They then said oh we looked and found that you aren't technically available to recieve a paid vacation until Sept. 7th so you won't be paid. I went to everyone from my full-time sup to the HR lady who went to pay-roll. Nothing. They won't let me trade my week. I am understanding of how it is in the contract and they won't break the contract for me, but what about all those times the sups work in a truck and break contract... or what about when they cuss at us and break contract? Or harrass us? I am just finding it very annoying that I can't break a contract agreement that I never really had a say in and they do it every day and get :censored2: if you mention that they need to stop working or stop cussing.

    I guess my question is 2 fold: 1) Is there anyway to actually use the union to get a vacation a month earlier than your perm. hire date, or not?
    and 2) Why can they break contract every day and I can't simply be allowed a week vacation if I promise to stay past the year date?
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    Do two wrongs make a right?
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    There is an established grievance procedure in place that you can use to address contract violations.

    Your story reminds me of the cartoon character Wimpy: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today".
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    Can I get fries with that 2 please?

    If it is correct that your seniority date is Sept 7th then there isn't anything 2 do. So, I'm assuming as hired off the street?? You wasn't part time UPSer beforehand??

    Congrates u lucky dawg, don't complain about a thing. You just got the golden ticket. Be patient, it isn't that far away.
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    OP were you ever laid off as a seasonal hire? Did you have a full week break before starting as a perm hire? Contact your union and have them file a grievance if you can answer no to any of these questions. DO it today because there is a timely issue at hand. And even though its a year later you were just made aware that your seniority date isnt what you were led to believe. You can get your original date back, the dowside is you missed out on your 90 day raise for about 6 weeks and that would be harder to get.
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    I was under the impression that we don't hire "seasonal workers" anymore. Here in the northwest we hire everyone (package handling) on as a permanent employee and then just lay-off as needed after peak season.