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    Hey BC'ers. I searched the new contract, forums, and regional supplement(Southern) but cannot seem to find what i'm looking for. I passed the road test on a Wednesday and was sent to driving school for a full-time package car driver position the following Monday. Long story short I DQ'd myself due to not having learned the 10 Point Commentary word for word by Wednesday. All I need to know is am I disqualified for 1 year or two? I had no idea there was a difference between an employer disqualification and a self DQ or I would have just had them fail me. I thought I'd save myself the hour ride to driver school and just called in and spoke with a supervisor.
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    You threw away a $80-100K job because you couldn't be bothered to memorize a few sentences?? Are you fricking kidding me?

    Are we as a company really this desperate?
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    Self-DQ means quitting.

    An employer DQ is when the company finds some fault with you (like hitting something, missing deliveries, not knowing 10-point commentary or seeing habits, etc.) and disqualifies you for it.

    If you didn't quit, but fell short on something, you were employer disqualified, and you are ineligible for 1 year. If you quit, it's 2.
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    I was told I had 4 days to get all the computer training done and learn the commentary but that the driving school would be lenient about the commentary because this class did not have the usual amount of time to learn the material. That's why I did all the computer training and had it done by the first day of class. Once I got there I realized that pretty much no one had finished the computer training but that the commentary was expected to be known 100% by Wednesday. I studied as much as possible and got most of it correct but not word for word. I should have begged for a later driving school date but I didn't wanna seem picky.

    "Are we as a company really this desperate?"
    Maybe a company such as UPS with billions in profit could afford to give potential drivers more than a week to prepare. Heck some guys at my hub were given up to a month to learn the word for word drivel!
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    "More than a week to memorize two pages of material"?
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    Thanks Wilber. I never would have DQ'd myself if I'd had any inkling that it would be an additional year. It seems like something they should have let me know. Oh well. I've got at least two years of freedom and plenty of time to memorize the worthless commentary now!
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    All kidding aside-----you need to sit down with your shop steward and center manager, tell them just what you told us here and ask for a second chance. Dave.
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    I have to agree with Upstate. If you wanted the job badly would've memorized it...even if you had to tape the pages to a Playboy to hold your interest.
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    I was given the packet to study on a Tuesday. Passed the road test on Wednesday. Spent Thursday doing the wrong DIAD training due to HR giving me the wrong sheet. Spent my free time on Friday and Saturday doing more DIAD and computer training. Then I studied the word for word stuff on Sunday. I guess I'm a retard but I've never had to memorize anything that long word for word in my entire life.
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    I'm pretty sure if you elected not to go to the school and its not a disqualification by the company, you can try again as soon as another opening is available. No wait period..U shouldn't be able to be disqualified until you are at the school and unable to show knowledge of the 10 point commentary etc...
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    Missed the part about you going to the school.. Its 1 year in the southern region
  12. In the central region if you DQ yourself it's a year if they DQ you you can rebid again at anytime. If dq'ed again it's three years.
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    You are wrong.

    If management disqualifies you on your first try you are eligible to return after 6 months. On the second DQ it's 12 months.

    When you DQ yourself the wait is 24 months.
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    I think it's different depending on which region you are in
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    In the southern you get 3 tries max. And have to wait 1 year between each attempt if dq'd.. If you turn the job offer down, you may rebid whenever a position is posted.
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    Yeah really dude we working at NASA or something lol. That 10 point and 5 BS is the gayest nerdiest thing ever dude really lmfao.
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    I have been told the five seeing habits must be word for word, but the 10 point commentary you must know the bold part word for word, then just explain the rest in your own words. Is this not accurate?