Semper Fi


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The birthday of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps birthday takes on special meaning for all branches of the military as Veterans Day approaches on Friday.


My dad was a sapper in Belgium in 1942-3
He never talked much about it
I`d like to thank all you vets and salute you
you never get the respect you deserve
you are men of hounor


From the promised LAND
Dittos! For those of you that gave of yourselves, my thanks.

While there are those on this and other sites that will try and politicize actions that you might have been in, you did your duty, you conducted yourself with honor to the best of your ability, and you also accomplished the greatest mission of all, coming back alive.

I had the pleasure of having a center manager that was one of the best of the best. And so much so that he appeared on Marine Corps commercials as a sabre swinging machine. A more just, honest, and all around nice guy you could never hope to meet. Shame that the inner man had to rely on such a broken physical body.



From the promised LAND
I think so. i would have to see one to know. As it is, I havent watched at most 2 hours in the last month or two.

The ones I know of for sure played in the late 80's and 90's.