Sen. John McCain: A Good Republican Al Qaeda Supporter

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 26, 2011.

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    65 & out !!
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    You are leaving BC?
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    Now, that's just funny !!!!!!!!!! LMAO !
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    You wish....but no early retirement here.
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    Lets say he enjoys what he does.
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    LOL, Is Hunter related to Chubby Checker??? if not he should be.
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    Jon Stewart makes several good points especially the very last one!
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    Question wkmac......who was responsible for adding the crosschecking for terrorist ties to the money for first responders? I'm serious, I haven't followed this. Seems ridiculous.
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    Fast answer cause I gotta go. Look back through the threads as a posted on this a couple of weeks ago and then follow the story from there. If you can't find it PM and I'll look it up for you late tonight on early tomorrow. It'll likely be tomorrow as tonight is going to be a weather ground pounder.

    Be Sweet!
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    Thanks wkmac. I did find it under the thread titled, "We Live in a Dangerous World" and it was post #8. It was Rep. Cliff Stearns from Florida and a Tony Flammia, NYPD Highway patrol and first responder.