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  1. I read in the Master agreement that October is one of the months that the Seniority list(s) should be posted.

    What I didn't see was a "drop dead" date. My center has not put up any new lists. When should these be posted up on the Union board?

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    Every new quarter.
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    When they are suppose to post a updated senority list is in your rider. MY local rider says quarterly.

    Is there an old list up ?? Are you on the old list ?? If you want to know where u stand on the list you have more senority than everyone hired after you. Which if you where hired in the last year or two isn't to many people.

    Ask your shop steward and he/ she will be able to help you.
  4. Yes, the rider says quarterly, but does that mean on or before Oct. 1 or anytime in the month of October?
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    This is not always the case. Off the street hires will have more classification seniority than others who may have more company seniority.

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