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    While reading the terrible vacation picks thread I was amazed at how many people with some serious time in still
    can't get a summer vacation. I was also surprised at how many centers don't seem to have their seniority list
    posted on a union board. Having our list posted is something we always insisted upon. I'm also curious
    what your seniority list looks like. Are there that many people hanging on out there? What are they waiting for?
    Do you think they're leave after this contract?
  2. Brownslave688

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    Our seniority dates are posted on the same sheet as our start times for the week.

    I started as number 66 or 67 about 7 years ago. I'm up to around #50 out of 64 now. A few retirements but mostly moved up from people quitting getting fired or taking article 22 jobs. Even had one pass away.

    Our seniority list runs in groups. About ten guys with over 30 that could be gone anyday. Then a gap to about 20 years. Then some stragglers until u get within 2 years of me. Had almost 20 drivers hired over a 3-4 year period.
  3. Cementups

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    Our seniority list is posted in the center manager's office
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    Our seniority list, both full time and part time, and both vacation schedules are posted in our DIAD/checkout room. Common knowledge.
  5. 959Nanook

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    Seniority list posted in several manners within sight of the DIAD rack as well as in the Supervisor's office.