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    Hey guys I have a bit of an issue. I got hired on as a full time driver, but I worked preload 2 years prior to this. Yes technically I am an off the street hire for the driver position. I moved to a new town FOR the job. Before I moved here I specifically asked if I could bump into preload and local sort knowing I would be bumped after vacations was over. I was told no big deal of course you can do that. The time comes and I am told now you can no longer do that since I have no "inside seniority." Ok so Im already struggling being able to pay my bills thanks to that huge fat lie.

    What sucks is I do have my seniority I met everything they asked and just now the waiting game for people to retire, and we all know thats a HUGE question in these times. I go in today and check the schedule and I find that they put a guy who is behind me running the pm air run, and they put me on call all week. Ok so my question is can I say "I dont think so" and tell them thats not going to work and run that myself?

    I am really disgusted with how they lied to me and now Im to the point where I am either going to have to quit, find another job which is darn near impossible as a UPS driver. OH can I just come to work whenever UPS feels like not letting me work, YEAH good luck with that.

    Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
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    drivers usually get to bump pt package handlers (sorter, loader, preload, etc..) because FT seniority trumps PT seniority. But I've heard the seniority rules are a little shaky for new drivers. I'm sure someone with a bit more knowledge will chime in here
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    Your right to work inside is stated in your Supplement, probably under Seniority or Layoff. If you are a vacation cover or temporary driver, you may not have any rights. If you are a regular driver you may gain rights after a number of years. It varies by Supplement.

    In New England a regular driver working inside isn't guaranteed 8 hours until he has three years Seniority . He works at the part-time rate of $9.50/$10.50 or so as well.