Seniority Question - pt to ft bids

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    Unlike many part-timers I have absolutely zero interest in going to a full-time driving position.

    Having said that, HR has called me three times in the last 18 months about doing exactly that. When I initially asked why they were calling me I was told that I am at the top of the seniority list and they have to offer it to me every time a position is open before going to the next person on the list.

    However, on the bid sheets for other full-time positions (six in the last year) I never get called despite being on every bid sheet that goes up. It would seem that the two situations are entirely contradictory in nature. How can I be first in one situation yet supposedly not have the seniority for the second?

    I suppose the question is this: How can I find out if I've been wrongly denied the full-time (possibly in favor of someone with less seniority) and if so, what are my options to remedy the situation?

    Thanks in advance
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    Good question. I would think that if you in line for a driving position that you should also be in line for other FT positions (22.3?). I would follow-up with HR on this if I were you.
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    Do you know who won the other bids? FT seniority always trumps PT seniority and we've had entire classes of package car drivers omit part-timers due to this fact as 22.3's decided to bid out of their jobs, which were then transferred to another building and never filled.

    And are you referring to feeder bids or 22.3 combo bids? I can't see many package car or feeder drivers willingly taking a $5/hour pay cut to go back in the building, but many package car drivers bid into feeders and may have "bumped" you with their FT seniority.
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    No way to know who got the positions, DFW hub is enormous. The positions I'm referring to are combo bids. There is a new one just posted Monday scheduled to come down on 7/1 - I suppose we'll see what happens, my 17 years has to count for something somewhere.
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    You can request to know who is getting the bids. Talk to your center manager or steward. They have to let u know.