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  1. nesra012

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    Have a quick question. I have been employed with UPS since April 2004. Well in October 2005 I transferred to a new hub to go to school at Oklahoma State. Well now a full-time driver job is coming available in January. Currently there are two guys that started before me at this center by like two months, but I have been with UPS since 2004. Who would be up for the bid considering I have overall seniority, but they have center seniority. Thanks in advance.
  2. loserupser

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    center senority prevails bud!
    Company senority is for vacation and layoff
  3. local804

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    I am going to have to disagree with you loserupser on this one. As long as he is part of the center, date of employment means everything. Unless he came from management, his time is his counts in the center he is in. Same sh&t job, he just did it in a different zip code.
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    If you have transfered then unfortanetly company seniority means absolutely nothing when it comes to bidding. I think it should. I'm not saying someone should be able to transfer in and imediately bid on a job and win it. I think that people should be able to transfer and then go through another sort of probationary period. Like 6 months for example. After six months they can bid on jobs and their company seniority would count instead of their transfer date. I think that would be fair. But then again.....maybe I only think that because I have transfered before. :=) It does seem to be a fairly decent idea though.
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    I believe loserupser is correct on this one. We have a former New Orleans driver with twenty years of company seniority. After he got rehired up here in Atlanta, he became a "unassigned" driver on the bottom of the Center Seniority List in respect to bidding rights. He still gets his six weeks vacation, thank goodness. His was an extreme hardship case though, they don't let full-time employees transfer in our Region normally.
  6. satellitedriver

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    If you transferred and didn't quit and rehired at a new center, from what I have heard ,after one year of service at the new center you will be able to bid on positions based on your total seniority. Until then you are the low man.
  7. Bulkstop

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    Loseupser is right. We have had transfers into our center from Oregon and San Diego. Both have 10+ years of service and both started at the bottom of the seniority list below all the fresh faced rookies.
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    I transfered as a part-timer after 3 years to another hub. The time still counted when a full-time driving position opened up.
    Transfering now, I would loose center seniority, not company. Vacation days would still be the same, only I would have last pick.
  9. local804

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    Wow guess its totally different all over the country. We have guys that transfer from Uniondale and Farmingdale to the Suffolk building all the time and they keep their seniority and bid on upcoming routes. They actually never leave the state like some of you guys posted in your past posts. Up here in NY, union drivers usually can not transfer out of state unless they quit. I guess its all of who you know and who you ....
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    Section 6. Part-Time Employee Transfer

    Part-time employees who wish to transfer to another location for educational purposes may submit a written request to the Employer. If approved, the transfer shall be allowed subject to the following conditions:

    A. A part-time opening exists at the desired location.

    B. Employees must have attained seniority and been employed by the Employeer for at least one (1) year.

    C. Job Classification Seniority shal be end-tailed.

    D. Company seniority shall be retained for the purpose of number of weeks of vacation, and number of holidays in accordance with the applicable Supplement at the new location.

    E. Any expenses, including moving expenses associated with an approved transfer, shall be the responsibillity of the employee.