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  1. altstewie

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    Im in the Central Region for supplement, I cant find this anywhere in the contract and want to know if anyone has had this happen.Who has more seniority to do set-up work for inside job? I have a person A with more full time seniority then person B. but person B has more part-time seniority. Im pretty sure its person A who has more full time seniority gets the set up work. Is this right?

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    It all depends on who your BA likes more. See the union is all about being in the click. If you are not tight with the boys, your just a dues donator. Try to rub shoulders with the guys that are stealing your money. Then the set up work will be yours whether your person a or B.
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    That's the way it works in my HUB.
  4. Nimnim

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    As far as I know full time seniority always takes precedence. Doesn't matter if the part timer has 10 years on the full timer, for purposes of placement via seniority full time is above all part time.
  5. UnsurePost

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    Same in our region. FT always takes precedence in seniority situations.

    *However* Our hub had been having PT start before FT for a long time. Not sure if this was changed or corrected, but all FT start times were 6pm (for example) on a twilight shift, while PT started earlier. There were grievances filed, but I'm not sure the outcome.
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    Problem was solved in our Hub on twilight by no one being allowed to come in for set-up...we start out cold and behind. Peak will be interesting.
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    Reading the book, is the inside job full-time or part-time? I am referencing Art. 3 sect. 16 for full-time work and Art. 11 sect. 2 for part-time work in the central supplement. I know I just muddied the waters on this but reading those two sections made me stop and think.
  8. altstewie

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    the inside job is set up in a interational package station area where both persons are on as combo jobs, a and b are full timers but person a has more full time seniority but person b has more part time seniority.. the job area is mostly filled with full timers 22.3 jobs with a couple part timers..
  9. altstewie

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    In section 16 it says in the last line, full time combination employees will be offered extra work on their assigned shift using total company seniority. Does total mean who has been employed by UPS the longest.
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    If they are both combos as you said, then the last line would be the one to apply to the situation. I would be willing to bet that the unlucky one in this situation would file a grievance to see if the decision could be overturned. That would be the only true test to find out if we are right.
  11. UnsurePost

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    When you go FT, you no longer have a PT seniority date on issues concerning FTs seniority issues. That is why we are assigned FT seniority dates. :happy-very: The combo with more FT seniority gets the work, PT date is irrelevant.
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    The person with more full time seniority takes precedence. When I went combo in 2006 I jumped over a number of guys who ultimately went combo later. While they had been with the company longer my seniority prevailed over theirs since I had more fulltime seniority. Here classification seniority is also recognized meaning now that I am in feeders if a package car driver with 20 years more company seniority comes after me I get first pick of vacations and routes over that driver. I cannot say if this is true in other areas of the country though.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Here's the real answer.. A inside full time union person has a specific bid job. End of story.. The other scenario is if a part timer would be working over 8 hours a full time combo person could have a gripe..
  14. Dark_Team_135

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    This would apply to you unless your Local has classification seniority (and there are very few that do I understand). It is saying your part-time + your full time years = total company seniority. The argument could be made that extra work is something outside of what you are doing everyday, which setup work isn't. But I doubt that would fly.

    I believe this language was put in the contract to protect long time part-time employees that chose to go into combo at a later date. There is also language that says "Total company seniority will be used when staffing reductions are necessary within a work area that consists of full time
    and part-time employees" which I think backs up my assumption they were trying to protect long time part-timers...
  15. Dark_Team_135

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    That is true until there are layoffs...then it is by company seniority. Not many other Locals have classification seniority as I understand it...and we shouldn't either in my opinion.
  16. 22.34life

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    to really answer your question if a combo person makes a big deal about it they will have a part time person come in and do it instead,us combos always get the short end of the stick.