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  1. I am told that there is a new "push" for UPS PAC going around that closes with a supposed quote from Jim Casey.

    I say "supposed quote" as what is posted is not a quote, but rather a paraphrase of Jim's famous statement at the 1957 Plant Managers Conference in Seattle; where he said "Determined men working together can do anything."

    In George Orwell's famous book "Animal Farm", slowly over time, the the inspiring slogans (rules) of the founders were changed over time to suit the whims of the current rulers. Has UPS's senior rulers become so gutless that they have to revise history to suit their current whims ?

    Looks like it.
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    Four legs good.
    Two legs better!
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    United Parcel Service Contributions to Federal Candidates | OpenSecrets

    UPS PAC gave money to both Mitch McConnel and Dianne Feinstein -- two of the worst senators in office today. Think about that.
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    Ill be happy to donate to the pac and united way again, as soon as UPS is happy enough to pay me more money than I can spend on myself:devil3:
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    If I hear 1 more "Jim Casey quote" misused by upper management I'm going to puke. As I sat in reportback earlier this year, all I heard was "we need to treat our people better" and I wondered when we are going to start practicing what we preach. I saw numerous casey quotes thoroughout the presentations that were nothing more than lip-service. I don't know how it is across the country, but in my region frontline maganagement has lost all confidence and respect for "our partners" (gag) above. The frontline has been completely alienated and nobody cares anymore. That is blatantly obvious through our service numbers.
    And all the while our "partners" keep throwing Casey quotes like they know what they are talking about. READ THE WHOLE GOD DAMN BOOK - YOU'LL BE SURPRISED AT WHAT ELSE IS IN THERE
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    I have been with UPS for 14 months, and was hired from the outside as a full time supervisor. I have no problem embracing a company's history and culture, but after seeing and learning what UPS has done to Management over the past 7 years, I think Corporate throws out the "Partners" and "Jim Casey's UPS" whenever they want something done. Or to take something away. Don't get me wrong, it's a good company, and I am happy with my job. But from a new employee's perspective it looks like every other big corporation out there. I think that management kills themselves to reach numbers and goals, under the illusion that someone cares that THEY made the goal. IMO they care if the goal is met, and won't see past the number to the person who achieved it. I think the front line management still believes in the company, and in the ideals that were established by the Founders. Most of Atlanta is very happy if they keep clinging to it, because they don't....
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    Good post.

    This is what I have been telling people for the last 6 or 7 years. UPS is a good place to work but it might as well be called ABC corporation (Alphabet soup). I think new people like you accept that and do not see UPS as anything special ... old timers have harder time accepting and dealing with the change.

    I think there is a dearth of leadership at UPS now and I think that is primarily due to the amount of responsibility and the workload on people in Corporate Leadership positions. They are overworked and under a lot of stress and forced to make decisions without due diligence and lack of information. I felt sorry for this level of management even though I also felt a great deal of frustration towards them as well.
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    Hoaxter, your recent post makes me speculate as to what UPS will be like in another 10 years. When those of use who have 20/30+ years have retired and the UPSers we leave behind have no connection to the past. When UPS was actually UPS, not ABC. Are the future leaders of the company indoctrinated and still quoting Jim Casey in an effort to make everyone believe the company still is UPS? That the company cares about its employees? Still pushing UPSPAC and United Way because it is the UPS way? Or have our customers taken other avenues to have their shipments moved from point A to point B? Employees who are working at UPS but always looking to leave to gain that small bump in salary? A sobering thought that a company which prospered for 100+ years is now becoming just another ABC company. Nothing special about the company, the service it provides its customers, or the loyalty to its employees. A sad, sad thought.
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    What you said makes perfect sense. I am not in management, but am a full time driver. I thank God I will be re-tired within a year and won't be around to see this company literally work itself into the ground and if this keeps up, beyond the point of any return. All the coorperate heads in Atlanta need to read the current Time magazine article online titled "Stop Micro Management Madness." Author is Lauren Simonds. Please all of you, read this with an open mind and beware of what has been happening here the last 1/2 dozen years or so. I am not a union troublemaker but just somebody else thats been in the trenches these last 25 years. Please turn this back before it's too late or another has been great American company will be history. Casey has got to be rolling over in his grave right about now. I'll close this by saying Rest in Peace to the 2 pilots who lost their lives earlier this week and please Mr. Davis stop the we care about everybody's safety retoric and let those pilots families grieve in peace.

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    ​Your mistake was going to reportback.
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    Good point!
    I did not go the last couple of years before retirement.
    ​Always seemed to be a conflict.
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