Shelby Co. residents call police to report suspicious UPS drivers

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    Shelby Co. residents call police to report suspicious UPS drivers - WDRB

    A holiday shortage, an Internet hoax and a major misunderstanding caused concerned residents in Shelby County to call police on UPS drivers.

    The boys in brown are as common in the holidays as the decorations on your front door. The constant hustle to deliver on time grows more intense as more shoppers begin to buy online.

    But when a UPS driver stopped to deliver a package to a home on Buzzard Roost Road in Shelby County, a neighbor noticed something different.
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    The joys of running a rental. It even gets worse after dark. The first thing the homeowners do is let the dogs out.
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    They finally sent me a helper yesterday, a middle aged woman with no board or uniform. Customers had some pretty surprised looks on their faces. Like who the hell are you and why do you have my packages? I felt bad for her. They have 10 months a year to prep for peak and don't even have enough uniforms?
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    "It was a weird truck that pulled up, and he got out with a package and he brought it up to us, but it wasn't a UPS truck," said Justin Bynum. "It was a u-Haul truck."
    The hillbilly town of Shelby must be proud of their village idiot for speaking out about "weird" UHaul trucks then again, I guess any truck in this podunk hick town that isn't a Budweiser truck is weird.

    "There's absolutely nothing to it," Mangeot said. "UPS closely controls its driver uniforms."
    Just like drivers don't piss in Gatorade bottles...and no one ever shat in a DR bag!

    "Concerned customers or neighbors should look for signs to verify the driver like an ID badge, handheld computer and the proper UPS uniform"
    So these people who think a UHaul is weird are supposed to verify AND be able to read an ID that most drivers don't have, tell the difference between a speak and spell and a DIAD, AND know what a proper UPS uniform is....I think we are expecting too much from these folks.

    To think UPS has Worldport near these fools!