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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. moreluck

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    What, you can't do a privte mommy & daughter trip to Idaho, Wyoming or someplace actually in the U.S.??
  2. moreluck

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    Sorry about the double post, but it said "fatal error" and I thought I had to do it again.
  3. rod

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    Isn't that so special. A mom and daughter trip to Spain. Anyone care to guess how much of that trip is on the taxpayers dime? While we are at it I saw That Chelse Clinton is getting married this week. Supposedly the wedding is costing 1.7 million or more. Care to guess how much the taxpayers will be forking over to pay for security. Greese up people. These idiots can't seem to spend your money fast enough.
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    Weren't the Obamas already rather wealthy before he became president. I would imagine they could afford the trip on thier own dime. Although there will be expense to the taxpayers for the security and travel. You just can't expect the first lady to hop on a commercial flight. I wonder why Spain? Article said they are traveling with "old friends". Are they paying for their travel expenses? Doubt it.

    Yes, this seems to be an excessive vacation. I bet there have been other first families that have taken advantage of the position to get a vacation of a lifetime.
  6. moreluck

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    I used to hear about Presidents going to Camp David....Has O. ever gone to Camp David??
  7. Baba gounj

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    only if they have a golf course
  8. klein

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    Where does it say taxpayers foot the bill ?

    And since when has the US become a communist country, that you can't or shouldn't leave the country ?
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    The taxpayers pay for the helicopters and planes used by the prez, his family and even Pelosi's huge jet to cart her fat ass all over the place. We pay for all that *****! You ever seen Michelle standing in line for jet blue?? No, they are above the "common people"........ They have no clue!. The least they could do is travel inside our borders and tour some of the country they are suppose to be leading.

    Instead, they'll probably go to a bull fight....a REAL education for those girls.
  10. klein

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    That's probably in your beloved constitution. Just the way it is.
    Here up north, if the wife or kids travel seperatly they pay for it seperatly.
    They are not on a political mission of any sort, nor have any power to represent the country, therefor it's not on the tax payers HERE !!
  11. rod

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    I have a feeling that you would be surprised if you knew how much it costs the average Canadian citizen to fly, protect and otherwise spoil the families of the Prime Minister, the Governor General and the Oueen Mother when the are roaming the world on "vacations". I won't for a second believe that they pay all expenses out of their own pockets. I hope they don't travel with over a 100 personal attendants like I read Mrs O does.
  12. klein

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    Royal Familie, thats a different issue. We pay for them all to visit Canada.
    Governor General is the Queen's representative.

    But, normally any family taken on trips, has to be paid out of pocket here.
    We had a scandal a few years back, where the politicians took thier wives on trips under government expenditures.
    They paid it all back.

    We have an audited general that looks at all travel expenses here, among all other expenses politicans have here.
    It's all public information as well, as is easy internet accesible to find out where your elected politican is spending money on his/her expensure account.

    No doubt , a lot goes to waste, like dining meetings, wine and dine for a few hours and have thousands of dollars on the tab.
    Goes on everywhere, and it sucks !

    But, as we speak, they are all getting the big audit !
  13. moreluck

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    I heard today it's 30 rooms in a 5 Star resort.......oh yeah, the O's are in touch with everyday folks!! (BS)
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  15. Baba gounj

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    Herself & daughter = one room
    her 24 staff = 24 rooms that leaves 5 for her "old friends" traveling with her and security. I hear those rooms cost $2000 each.