Shop Class as Soul Craft

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    Interesting read in light of current societal problems and directions.
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    All I accomplished with earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and religion was to learn how much I will never know.

    Or it made me a better bull#$%& artist.

    At least with my degree in electrical trades from vo-tech I can repair the wiring in my house.
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    Matt Crawford, the author of Shop Class As Soul Craft holds a Phd. in Philosophy but also worked as an electrican and currently repairs motorcycles. Education and degrees don't equate to happiness and if someone had a PHd. in astro-physics but found happiness digging ditches, I say be the damn best ditch digger you can be. I know lawyers who make loads of money who will also admit in private moments that they would rather be some blue collar guy who at least at night after a bath can come out clean. But they sadly admit to being trapped in a life they created and just don't lack the will or courage to change. I think a whole lot of us are in that boat as well so they aren't alone by any stretch.

    How many of us stay where we are not because we absolutely love it and would do it for free but because now we have so much time vested and the payoff (retirement) is just around the corner? Somebody wanna slide over so I can sit down on the bench too!

    But that doesn't stop you from planning for the future and making UPS a means to an end either!
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    Here is the orginal 2006' essay Matthew Crawford wrote for "The New Atlantis" that became the book, "Shop Class as Soulcraft". This book has really provoked a number of interesting and thought provoking articles over at FrontPorchRepublic.

    I've enjoyed reading many of the articles including Matt's original essay and his book is on my "must read" list.