Should/Could I grievence?

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    I've been doing saturday driving for a couple months and I asked to have off at the last minute last week... Long week was too tired but I told them if they need me call me... They did and I was told not to worry about it...
    I showed up this week and they gave me my route but didn't offer me any pickups, Which I usually have 3-5, although other guys with lower seniority were still on the road doing pickups and OCA's... what should I do? could I file/ should I file just for 1-2 hours...
    I think they're trying to get back at me for not showing up last week...
    Thanks, A ROOKIE
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    If you worked the minimum hours guarunteed by the contract, there is nothing you can do. These days, the compny can get away with anything. Our union wont back us on most things we should win.
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    Definately go to the Saturday sup, and tell him that as the more senior driver you would apreciate being offered the p/us first.

    Do this in a friendly, professional manner. Don't even bring up the word "greivance" at this point. The implication is there as soon as you said "senior driver".

    A smart sup will do the right thing to avoid the greivance, plus you didn't threaten him.

    Good luck, and let us know what happens!
  4. Fredless

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    The question is, since you said you're a "rookie" have you qualified per the terms of your contract out west?

    I know in Florida, its 30 working days to qualify as an air driver..even if its an exception driver like you. I am one also. The human resources guy told me it would take 30 weeks to qualify if I only drove on saturday's. He went on to say thats why he strongly encouraged exception air drivers to try and work during the week at the different centers in my hub so we could qualify more quickly.

    What I'm getting at is if its anything like cover driving is, while you're qualifying you don't mean crap at least in my hub. However, once you qualify as a cover driver you seniority date goes into effect. THEN you can start griping.

    So if these people that are now doing the pick ups that you were doing have theoretically LESS seniority than you but they have qualified, you don't have a gripe. Talk to your business agent to get a straight answer. Mine is very personable and has done a lot for me..he almost always returns my calls the same day.

    P.S. - Check too about BID AIR DRIVERS working on Saturdays as they work Tuesday through Saturday at my building. If they took away your pickups you might have an even harder case. Just call your business agent he will know your specific contract throughly. I always research myself BEFORE I call aswell...if you file a greivance thats bull**** just to piss them off you are in for a war. I walk a fine line with management, and the only time I file without warning is late on pay. I tried to be a nice guy and ask them to fix it, but they never did - so I filed and they had to pay me 7 article 17's. *******s.
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    Let's see, you have only been driving on Saturday a couple of months and you already took off 1 day. Driving 8 Saturday's at most does not make you qualified so I don't think your the senior driver yet. Saturday drivers are only guaranteed 3 hours unless you're full time. Take Over 9.5's advise and talk to the Sup. and arrange your schedule so you don't miss anymore Saturdays!

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    Well I've driven since Mothers day back in May... Most of the people who are doing Saturdays went through the same class as me... I have more company seniority than the Guys who they gave the P/U's to...The deal was I work the 12am- 4-6am then do the saturday driving from 7am til done...I had been awake since early friday morning and asked if they could do without me...But I said for them to call me if they needed me The Main Sup. called and said they should be OK(hes pretty cool)...They usually give me some P/u's but not this week(the main Sup wasn't there)...They told me to come in for the day...I asked if anyone else with lower seniority had any P/U's and then they only gave me one, Meanwhile all the other guys were still on the road...
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    I personally don't think you have a gripe. Saturday driving is kinda grey area...but as suggested try talking to the sup first, and then if he doesn't give you the hours back go to your business agent.

    As someone else said, you're only guranteed 3 hours - if they wanted to be *******s they could just give you an area thats very light and you do the 3 hours and thats it...especially if you haven't qualified yet.
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    Do you work in the central Florida area?
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    There is a law that states that 14 hours from the time you clock in, you can no longer drive and must be off the road. So if you start at 12 midnight you by law must be off the road by 2pm. It is to protect you as well as the general public. We full timers like it so we are off the road by 10 to 11 pm depending on start time.
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    Yes, I work in one of the CFL Hubs :)

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    They say that the 14 hour rule doesn't apply because its Saturday driving the day starts over when I clock in for Saturdays... I don't get overtime til I've done 8 hours of driveing on saturday either...
    If I work for 5 hours on my regular shift then drive for seven I see no overtime... I don't know why...
    Yeah I don't want to start a fued with the dispatchers so I don't think I'll grieve it but hopefully the main sup. will be there this week...
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    Did you talk to your supervisor first?

    Your theory seems kind of stupid. What you see as getting back at you is the dispatcher/supervisor keeping things the way they were because the less-senior drivers who covered you the week before did a good job doing the PUPs. Add that to the fact that you wanted the previous Saturday off, they think they're doing you a favour.

    The union is there if discourse with your supervisor proves to be non-resultant.