Should Obama Control the Internet?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by cheryl, Apr 4, 2009.

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    Should Obama Control the Internet? - Mother Jones
    Should President Obama have the power to shut down domestic Internet traffic during a state of emergency?

    Senators John Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) think so. On Wednesday they introduced a bill to establish the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor—an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic to protect against threats to critical cyber infrastructure. That broad power is rattling some civil libertarians.
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    The control of any source of information is a threat to our way of life. Much as I hate the liberal control of our media i still respect the need to have an unfettered free press.

    The internet has become a way to bipass traditional media sources.
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    That is scary stuff, but part of the overall Obama plan to have government run every aspect of our lives.

    Internet definitely impedes anyone who wants government control by having access to information not filtered by traditional news media.

    Very scary stuff, but not unexpected with the current administration.
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    Before I begin, Obama has nothing to do with this. It's a bill being introduced by a Dem and a Rep

    Shutting down internet activity quickly when a cyber-incursion is detected may need to be an option, but it should come under immediate review by some congressional entity before the situation has a chance to get out of control in either direction.
    As for access to “all relevant data concerning critical networks,” that’s just a frightening phrase. Surely we can have a process where a warrant will be required, even if it’s a retroactive warrant through a FISA court. Handing out powers which are too broad raises my hackles and this just brings back images of certain portions of the so-called “Patriot Act.” This is a road we don’t need to go down again.

    9five, please, tell us more about Obama's overall plan...tommorrow is Monday and I'm sad, I need a good laugh...:happy-very:
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    You can keep busy on Monday making your Cuba travel plans. Yikes!!:surprised:

    So be on the lookout for a '58 Pontiac for me.
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    Open your eyes, man! Take your head out of the sand.
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    He is right about the first sentence... Obama has nothing to do with this. If it does pass, than yes, Obama has the "right" to do so.

    Some people rely on the internets for their news and all. If there is some sort of attack, they might need to know through the internet.

    If they have the option of shutting the internet down, then they should have the option to shut the TV down, so we're completely oblivious to what's happening in the world.
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    Lets have Al Gore do it since, well, he invented it. Could keep him busy for awhile.
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    When we earlier discussed the "Fairness Doctrine" in this forum, I post some links concerning the fact that last year Henry Waxman and other democrats in Congress discussed this very issue of regulating the internet. If Congress decided (and at some point I think they will) to re-institute the "Fairness Doctrine" I do believe the internet will be a part of that process.

    The idea of any single party or group controlling social thought and the discussing of ideas such as on talk radio no matter at what relevance that discussion may have in society seems a true wasted effort when you leave the internet an untapped resource for these people to run too. Truth be told, I'm betting good money (and I don't gamble) that both parties would love to shutdown a lot of the independent internet. Any time some rogue 3rd party appears on the political scene, the demonrats and republicons come out of the woodwork to circle the wagons. I truly believe the so-called "red scare" was more about protecting voting turf from rogue socialist/communist and maintaining tight control for the 2 party system rather than some so-called international communist conspiracy.

    If the internet comes to be seen as an absolute threat to the hubris power of the demonrats and republicons from 3rd party rogues and political thought revolutionaries, you can take it to the bank, they will take control of the net!
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    Welcome to "Masterpiece Theater", hosted by none other than "Master Thespian" Over9five..(applause)....."Opening eyes" and "exhuming heads out of the sand" of non-believers of Communism and Socialism coming to a town near you....bringing fake tears to your eyes like a Glen Beck episode...thank you, I am so scared now...:whiteflag:......

    shhh shhh....(whispering) Since the "Red State-ters" supported, and have been monitering "internet" for years now anyway, and nothing has been done to reverse this so far, come to think of it, as I write this,
    maybe we should use "Pig Latin" to get the word out, so the "commie" bastards don't coming breaking our doors down and take our guns, and offer us healthcare, education and green jobs.......OMG
    RUN FOR THE HILLS !!!!......Is my drama over the top ?....Sorry
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    Sounds like three monkeys making love to a football. :happy-very:
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    As with anything the government does, it will be done poorly and ineffectively with unintended results.
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    Just a little.

    But thanks for the new signature line!
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    I LOVE IT!!
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    HELL NO !

    At our expense of course. I love how liberals use the word OFFER. From my pocket to yours. :please:
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    Afraid your ability to cut and paste will be curtailed?
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    Because he was lying about being transparent. He was trying to get elected president.

    You can't expect people like bottomups to hold him accountable or even remember something like that. But he'll probable attack you for posting that fact on here.

    Oh wait, he just did. Told you so.