Show Me the Money, United Parcel Service

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    Show Me the Money, United Parcel Service - Motley Fool

    With 14.6% of operating cash flow coming from questionable sources, UPS investors should take a closer look at the underlying numbers. Within the questionable cash flow figure plotted in the TTM period above, stock-based compensation and related tax benefits provided the biggest boost, at 8.7% of cash flow from operations. Overall, the biggest drag on FCF came from capital expenditures, which consumed 31% of cash from operations. UPS investors may also want to keep an eye on accounts receivable, because the TTM change is 2.9 times greater the average swing over the past five fiscal years
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    The lead-in (above) and especially the questionable cash flow does not sync up with what they are saying. Look at the graph in the article versus what they warn about - I can't follow the correlations.