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    I’m going to admit to the whereabouts of my place of work; Orlando, Florida West side center, top green. I’m doing this for UPS to listen especially, because believe it or not they are monitoring this forum without a doubt.

    I’m loading two Disney cars (business routes) and one home delivery for Windermere (Tiger Woods neighborhood). The Disney cars are a real pain and the home route gets pretty bad too. Peak was crazy the rezy got well over 500 packages a day, as the business will always get 350 each day whenever it was peak or not.

    New Years week, both Monday and Friday were volunteer days. Of course I signed up for Monday thinking it was going to be calm like last years sign ups. End up preloading 10 cars and working out of 3 cages. The next day, regular set up, and I told the main line sup I’d rather load those10 cars then load these three here. Yea, it’s that bad. I was reluctant to sign up for Friday, yet I still did. Belt driven, five cars and stacked out.

    The next week the numbers come back down to sane numbers. The main line sup comes over to me and has the audacity to tell me that on Tuesday I had 158 packages per hour and needed to get it up. Geez, thanks a lot! Nothing about the week before or other weeks during peak, oh no! That would make sense.

    Do packages per hour really mean anything? The answer… No it does not! This term PPH is only an excuse or reason to pull you out of where you are to get more work out of you. And you rarely see chargers, small sort, EREG drivers or unload helping out. When they do it’s at the end of a shift, not during it.

    I went the whole month of January without a missload. I had only two in December, thanks to the days when they fetched me help, a few times when I really didn’t need it either. Thanks to that I didn’t get any overtime for the first two weeks of December.

    These sups do nothing but get in my way. Supervision in my opinion is the easy way out, a place where you can get out of doing the real work at UPS. I would believe the position should be for someone looking to learn management skills, people skills. No, as I see it on the many faces of sups around me, it’s a way out.

    One would believe that sups would be there to help out when needed, to be informative and understanding, and to be good leaders amongst the people. But no they get in the way and they double your work load willingly. They cause nothing but more problems for the system and the people.

    I’ll tell you one thing. UPS always claims they are nonbiased against gays, minorities, chickens, ducks, horse’s blah blah blah. Yet they are bias against hard workers. I can preload a storm when needed too, leaving my cages rather skimpy at times. You would think UPS would be one of those companies that admires and praises hard workers even prompts those who do. Nope, they punish hard workers. They come by and are trained to see the cages ahead of them and see small amounts, not what’s eventually on its way. Saying out loud “you need to go help so and so”. What is really being said is “Great job there! You get a reward.. MORE WORK!!”, Thanks!

    Two ways help plays out in my opinion. One, the people who receive help see it as if you cant do your job well, then UPS will eventually send someone to help you out to make your life easier. And two the person that is sent out starts to see that working hard just isn’t worth it if you keep punishing them for it. Plus, the people who get help suddenly get slower when I get there. It’s like “oh hey there! You’re going do our job for us”.

    One place called PD9 seems to call for help all the time. I’ve deemed them with the name PD911 because of their frantic pleas for a miracle. They have 6 cars, and people loading 2 cars, shouldn’t be a problem there, plus a permanent splitter. A lack to walk up a latter to break a jam is the problem. I’ve said this to the house sup and main line sup, still not listening to the advice.

    I’ve told my sup that helping others unwilling to hustle prompts laziness. Of course sups are trained to shoot down anything that makes sense. And definitely not to admire or praise hard workers, the only thing that matters is how long you been there. One would think a great worker who never missloads, packs tight and is fast would be left alone. In the eyes of UPS that would be crazy talk. The one’s who get left alone and helped, are the poor employees. So today we learn that UPS promotes laziness and looks down its nose at hard workers.


    Where is UPS headed? What’s the future of UPS?

    I recall one time a preloader actually worried one of cars had 230 on the forecast, really? Try loading two cars with 350 everyday.

    Our side is the worst in the building. We have Disney, Universal, International, Down Town Orlando, Outlet mall etc etc. Mostly all the cars on the west have no egress, ever. The east side, almost all have egress at the end of the shift.

    I ended up at this set up back on the line after 6 months in a house, PD7. Our house at the time had well over 147 % efficiency rating. This was seconded in the Orlando HUB, second that to unload. 147 % for any preload house is UNHEARD OF!

    They pulled this kid over from PD911 to load a four car set up. This kid ended up missloading 4 to 8 per night for 8 days straight. Let’s step back from that for some math. Given just 4 for 8, is 32 missloades a little over a week of time. The building manager went nuts about it, which lead my main line sup to pull me out of our well oiled house to the line. And what did they do with the kid loading it before? They sent him back up the river to where he was before, loading two cars, and paradise! Which is proof they prompt people who are lazy!!

    You would think they would punish those types, yet it’s backwards. One would think they would try to keep those high numbers at PD7. But what they say and what they do are all backwards.

    When peak came around, it switched from four to my now three cars. And I have loaded some tough cars before, but this is the hardest I’ve ever had it. It has been said from a high level manager that mine and the person next to me have the hardest set up in the entire building.

    It’s a tough life as a preolader to begin with. It’s even harder when sups won’t leave you alone. They always seek me out. When I do help someone, that person leaves early, and I’m stuck with having to come back to blown out cages. Also having to stay behind and keep working, packing the businesses routes.

    I don’t know what to do. I’m at a loss, I’m lost in thought. I don’t want to leave. I enjoy this job. The problem is supervision is killing it for me. It’s a reason people openly admit they don’t care anymore. Sups kill it for us, another point that they stand in the way. I want to come in and bust ass all fours of the shift. But to what reward?

    Anyone have some words for me? This site is great to vent and hear informative replies.

    Thank you for reading.
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    I am speechless--I have absolutely nothing to say.
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    The workers who work the hardest just get more work piled on them. You need to find a certain pace and stick to it. If you don't, you will be used to help out the slackers. Thats the way it has always been.
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    Scratch is 100% correct. The more you hustle, the more you'll have to hustle, and it doesn't stop on the preload/reload. Pacing yourself is the only way to survive. To a supe this may sound as if I'm trying to tell you to slow down, but that's not the case at all. You can only work as efficiently as your body dictates and anything beyond that will cause something to break. Work at a safe pace that YOU can handle and let the supes hire someone else to do the overflow.
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    Watch this tomorrow before you preload. Then think about how you allow the company to abuse you for minimum wage. :wink2:
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    This is the way I always bounce into work.
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    cool story bro!

    now relax and remember its just work!
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    I remember when I started driving I saw alot around me that did not make sense. The decisions are at most times a knee jerk reaction. Talking to management about their thinking is a waste of time, you might as well talk to a pencil. I thought about writeing letters and putting forth similar thoughts that you have but I figured all I would get is lip service. So I kept my mouth shut for 25 yrs, watched the circus around me and always in the early days said to myself that I was in Boot Camp. They push you to the limit and as others said ,pace yourself and that will be yardstick that they measure you by. This tactic works and if they can push someone a few yrs and burn them out then they win. Just hang in there and tough it out. Retired and Happy 1-08, I survived the insanity
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    Fix the letter so that they can't figure out who you are, or if you really don't care, just send the post in an envelope to the sort manager. It sounds like it can't get any worse, so maybe it will help.............
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    I don't have the attention span necessary to fully comprehend your post.
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    You must be upper level MGMT.:surprised::wink2:
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    Sorry, couldn't get through the whole post ... I'll try later.
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    At UPS, the lazy slow workers are the smart ones.

    And it's MANAGEMENTS FAULT! God, I hate it. I'm basically at the hub my whole shift everyday, and I see it all the time. I work HARD all day, and other people just ******* the company hard. And management knows it and does nothing. I can't understand WHY they let these people slack.

    What is the incentive to work hard when the guy next to you does a quarter of the work you do? Why doesn't management do anything about this???

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    wow - what a freakin' shock

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    I have found this to be true as a driver as well ! I have butted heads with both on-road sups and my center manager about treatment of the "good" drivers. It literally pays to be sub-par and to slow your pace, and I agree its an atmosphere created by management that really doesnt help them. Its not going to get better ever and if you are intelligent, you know what you have to do.
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    hold on..., I'm halfway through your post....let me get a sandwich....
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    It's easier to work hard than to work hard at not working. If that makes any sense. Be patient, the rewards will come. Most UPSers have the same work ethic as you. That's why we have been around for a 100 years. The slackers, sooner or later, fall by the wayside.
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    unfortunately most rookies have learned to stay just under the radar , by jumping route to route as cover drivers . I did my job and I did it well ! my reward was a big F . U . anyway dude find your groove and work safely as you are nothing more than a number to the BIG BROWN MACHINE .........
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    Orly, you've been around long enough and have been here at the BC long enough to have learned all you've written. It happens to many of us who have a good work ethic and have experienced a huge let-down when it gets you nowhere.

    Took me 15 years to learn to pace myself and give the fair days work blah, blah. At first they rode my butt up one side and down the other but lately have left me alone. My numbers fall right in the middle for my area, not the best, not the worst. I work hard but don't try to play hero.

    Save your enthusiasm (sp) for your OWN life, not the one that UPS controls. Be happy with a good paying, secure and benefit-rich job if you can. Get along with others and don't worry about what they are doing. Keep your own side of the street clean and let them deal with theirs. Take care, try to bite the bullet and work safe. dw
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    <_< Some of us learn this a little too late lol