Since a lot of the AMX are coming out of the woods Pilots welcome as well.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by drewed, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Soo why are the 400s so damn hard to keep in the air? The 130 million investment per was meant to offset the cost of maintaining and operating the 100s and 200s, well why yes they are more effecient aircraft they seem to be spending a lot of time on the my mind retiring the 200s and 100s was a bit premature even if it was to have a reserve flights out of the major air hubs....The MD11s use to be the joke about reliability the 400s def giving it a run for its money.....

    Also where do you see the fleet going in lets say 10-20 years? Id prefer us to stay away from using A380s, i personally dont like the fact the control surfaces are all electronically controlled without a hydralic backup and when they make a freight version of the dreamliner (if it gets back on schedule and doesnt bankrupt boeing) and the 747-8 will be the way to go
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    Uh...that's just what I was thinking last night...uh....I think

    What the hell is THIS all about?
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    The 747-400 is the future of the company. I dont where you are getting your info, but as usual you are wrong. The Mad-Dogs were designed to fly long range, full of cargo (human and freight), and quick turn to keep the systems moving. UPS has turned them into SDF-CLE, SDF-MEM, and other short hops that are killing us. When UPS announced that they were turning them into the domestic workhorse everyone was stunned. Who could be making decisions that would impact our company and customers in such a negative manner? UPS must change this and get the MD's back to long range operations or our customers will be using FDX's MD's for overseas shipping.
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    WOW i actually agree with airbus for once. 747-400 is the future. You will see us buy more used 400's. Boeing does not make new 747-400's anymore. We got the last ones. I dont know where you are getting your info either. The 400's reliablity is great.

    UPS will also invest in another large aircraft in the near future. In my opinion it will be the 777.
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    IDK system wide...but if we re going to have a late flight coming to us its always a 400 and its always a mechanical issue....So from my standpoint it doesnt seem like a reliable aircraft, if theyre not having issues other places great its just my perception then, I apologize.So theres two coming from asia during the week two going, one doing SDF -CLE and one doing SDF- MEM and the other ones doign the cologne run right?
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    Everytime an aircraft is running late they always blame it on maintenance. Most of the time it is untrue.

    Drewed what gateway do you work at?

    MD-11 are doing SDF - CLE and SDF- MEM as far as i know and the 767 is doing SDF-CGN