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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Aug 29, 2007.

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    I saw that movie about 6 months ago. It was a pretty well done documentary. Well worth seeing.
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    Man,after reading all that, although renting that movie would be interesting,it would be way too depressing .I think the article was enough.I grew up in believing that the US intervention in Vietnam was wrong,and was more than happy to accept your draft dogers back when I was a wannabe hippy.I turned 18 in 1973,two years before Nixon did the inevitable and started the ball rolling to end the debacle.
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    Shhhhh........Since the Patriot Act the Neo-cons in charge in Wash. and the neo's on this site:gunsmilie are listening and watching you from your phone,Computer, and E-mails....Careful what you say or you might get stopped at the border:death:
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    So, basically it's a documentary about a bunch of draft dodgers? Should be interesting. I ought to make my dad watch it. It's quite a sight seeing him enraged at the sight of draft dodgers. He was drafted and served his two years like a true American instead of running away like a pansy. Draft dodgers should be stripped of their citizenship and deported to a third world country. Screw jail time. They aren't worth American tax dollars. And any country that would openly except them should be ashamed of themselves.
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    I think that's an awesome idea. Your dad's perspective while watching this film with him IMO would be invaluable. Seriously, you really should do it!
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    It would be very interesting because my dad is normally a very non-opinionated person. He rarely talks bad about anyone. Very rarely. I'm my 30 years I've only heard him go off about a few things and a few people. I rarely heard him use cuss words either. He might cuss under his breath after a near car accident (thats his version of road rage) or while watching football but other than that it was extremely rare. He mostly kept his opinions to himself and on the rare occasion he would express an opinion about someone or something contraversal it would always be at home. Draft dodgers always seemed to be one of his pet peeves.

    He didn't want to go to Vietnam and hated even more to be "voluntold" to go but refusing to was never an option. His mentality is that either you are an American or you aren't and refusing to answer your country's call was nothing less than tretorous. He totally agreed that communism had to be stopped but hated how the war was being conducted but becomming a draft dodger was never an option. No one is expected to blindly support a cause. As Americans we are expected to do our part but are also expected to stand up to what is wrong. When our govt. decided to try and stop communism in Vietnam that was a good thing so draft dodging was not. If our govt. started acting like Nazi Germany or some other evil empire then that would be a time to stand up. Until then...either support your country or get out of the way. That is my opinion on draft dodgers.
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    However if you sneak across that border as an illegal allien then the liberals will be sure to welcome you with open arms.
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    It was common knowledge, back then.
    Rarely am I at a loss for words, but when I read the review and then linked to the movie site and watched the movie trailer, then listen to Fondas 1970 radio broadcast. I was stunned into silence.
    It didn't last long.
    Talk about a revisionistic review of the history of that time.
    The self importance these people attribute to themselves, astounds me.
    To say that the reason for the VietNam conflict was to exterminate the freedom loving people of that nation, is pure bull.
    Sorry, I am trying to contain myself and not just rant.
    I lived though those times. I remember well what was going on.
    I lost friends in Nam. I almost lost my brother there. I did not go because of a promise I made to that brother.
    I am no scholar on the subject, but I have read every book pro/ con or just historical that I could find through the past four decades on Nam.
    I may watch this movie. I just don't like the idea of paying to see it.
    From what I have gleaned so far, Micheal Moore is probably kicking himself for not making it first.
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    Thanks for the post.

    I am a serious student of the sixties and the counterculture. Everything from the music of the day to political unrest.

    I'm ordering it today from