SJ standoff ends in gunshots, suspect's condition not known; UPS driver taken hostage is safe

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    SJ standoff ends in gunshots, suspect's condition not known; UPS driver taken hostage is safe - Fox 32

    Two suspects stole a UPS truck and held the driver hostage as they attempted to flea authorites in San Jose Thursday afternoon, according to Santa Clara County officials.

    Police responded to a suspicous vehicle at approximately 5 p.m. that fled when authorities attempted to pull it over. During the pursuit, the suspect, later identified as Mark Morasky, fired shots in deputies' direction, officials said. At least one vehicle was hit.

    At some point during the pursuit, two suspects exited the vehicle and then carjacked a UPS truck that had a driver inside, officials said. Authorties then deployed spike strips and the truck eventually came to a stop in the area of First Street and Trimble Road
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    And they thought they could get away in a UPS truck? That's hilarious.
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    The one time when having a stick shift would be better than an automatic.

    And before you guys talk about snow, I don’t care.
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    Suspect tried to drive the truck away but had flat front tires from stop sticks.
    Watched the suspect run from the truck but get shot dead live.
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    driver OK but will be reprimanded anyway.
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    Driver could not recite the 5 keys to not becoming a hostage and was walked off the property the next day .
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    Be Prepared.

    Expect The Unexpected.
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    Everyone is joking around about what’s going to happen to the driver but it’s pretty sad that we all are thinking the same way... shows that even in this kind of situation mgt will probably say or do something that is totally inappropriate... uncaring :censored2:s
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    ya , because it's the truth.

    UPS is not a person. it's a flesh eating, body consuming , mind and spirit destroying , meglomaniac corp.that only cares about one more PENNY in profit so don't stand in it's way.
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    So what’s the code out for this? On road breakdown b/c of spikes?
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    "Please sheet packages EC before returning to the building"
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    It's always better