Skilled Work, Without the Worker

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    Skilled Work, Without the Worker - New York Times

    Inside a spartan garage in an industrial neighborhood in Palo Alto, Calif., a robot armed with electronic “eyes” and a small scoop and suction cups repeatedly picks up boxes and drops them onto a conveyor belt.


    Such robots will put automation within range of companies like Federal Express and United Parcel Service that now employ tens of thousands of workers doing such tasks.

    The start-up behind the robot, Industrial Perception Inc., is the first spinoff of Willow Garage, an ambitious robotics research firm based in Menlo Park, Calif. The first customer is likely to be a company that now employs thousands of workers to load and unload its trucks. The workers can move one box every six seconds on average. But each box can weigh more than 130 pounds, so the workers tire easily and sometimes hurt their backs.
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    I'm sorry it wouldn't last in Pigua as it's way to slow at this time, Supervisors would be yelling at it to pick up the pace,EVERY label has to be up and packages end to end no spaces between the with the belts running at 1/2 speed.I give it that it wouldn't be asking for donuts at break time! :)
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    man I wish I could of worked that slow when I was in the hub 25 years ago!