SLS information?

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  1. brownduck7

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    Anyone attending sls on 01/28 in GA?
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    Anyone have any good SLS / MLS stories that they care to tell? I was never in management but I knew lots of people who went. From what I know, it's boot camp for management. You live in dorms, you can't leave, your days and weekends are booked solid, no family contact, etc.
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    I went to the old SBTS back in 1980. It was hell. I just wrote about the DOK questions and how they don't expect you to memorize....well the 340 methods were put together as a "T57". You had to memorize these as close to word for word as you could. Some of the t57s were long and you only had a couple of days to get them down....You really had no free time except Sundays and then you had so much homework you didn't have time to relax.

    SLS is not as bad!!!

    I went to MLS in one of the first classes up in Seattle. What a great experience!! The school was designed be Harvard Business Schools and it is better than some of the best university courses in management you will ever take. Enjoy the time and get to know as many folks as you can. Find out what they do in their areas. You can't have a better environment to learn and develop in.

    Good Luck and enjoy the experience....It will make you a better supervisor. Go in with a positive attitude and you will do fine!
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    I went a couple of years ago. It was at the Univ of New Hampshire at the culinary school. The best part was we ate like kings for the two weeks we were there. The worst part was we were there for two weeks. You end up sharing stories with other people at your level. I have almost always been in operations and I was placed in a group with a guy who had his whole career at the corporate office. At the end he said he would never speak badly of his job again after he herd what the operators have to go through. Its not a bad time unless you are a family man....then its waaaaayyy to long.
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    Oh in SBTS - I forgot to say that I snuck away to see my (2 times) family. I was was only 50 miles away. I had a new born and a 2 year old. I had never been away from my family. This part was sheer hell.
  6. rod

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    I never attended ANY UPS school in the 30 years I was there. Was hired off the street and started driving by myself after 2 days of having the center manager ride along with me. I used the "I NEVER WENT TO UPS SCHOOL" excuse many times and always told them to send me but they never did. Apparently I wasn't as big a screwup as I was accused of being.:happy2:
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    I always figured that the old SBTS was where they did the operation. You know, the one where they suck half your brain out.:lol:
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    SLS...........doesn't that stand for "sudden loss of service"?
    Don't need to go to school to accomplish that. It's progressing very well on its' own.
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    I'll go. Sounds better in GA than the 0 degrees it is here in WI.
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    I was always under the impression SBTS was for the Brown Blood transfusion!
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    They had to replace the lost gray matter with something.
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    I know I take alot of shots at management folks but I have to say that all of them are not really stupid people. The problem is, the higher you look on the management scale the more you see bad decisions being made that the front line sups have to enforce to keep his/her job. This is when someone with good common sense and decency must either compromise their personal self to maintain a carrier or find alternative employment. Pretty sad really.
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    TRp were you moderating some rudeness here when you popped in otherwise unprovoked to fire this shot?