so Maine settled for less on the courts Vs Ground...

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    mainegrounddriver, how much of the settlement you'll be getting? nuthin? since the 1st sentence implied FedEx Home Delivery only... litigation tribunals/FedEx Ground Settles Drivers Independent Contractor Misclassification Case in Maine for 58 Million

    it's a relatively small state vs the rest of the nation, but
    $4.7 Million spread out to 141 drivers classified as independent contractors by FedEx Ground will receive the settlement (+ $1.9 million for lawyers' fees)

    that's a small chunk of change & i guess they have to sift through the "hours of service" that each driver had sometimes falsify as their on-duty/off-duty times to get proper payment...

    so, only 7 HD contractors went in to the class action lawsuit? now they have targets on their backs, except for those 2 who took the settlement & got a sock in their mouths to shut up about it...

    just stirrin' the pot:congrats:

    i'm a bit surprised since maine is part of the ISP-restructuring (supposed to protect Ground from such lawsuits, right?


    "In 2009, FedEx Ground introduced a new contractor business model in New Hampshire and Maryland that strengthens the company’s long-standing tradition of contracting with independent business owners. The Independent Service Provider (ISP) Model officially launched in New Hampshire on May 30, 2009, when more than 30 small businesses or ISPs contracted with FedEx Ground to provide Pickup and Delivery services throughout the state.

    Since its initial launch in New Hampshire, the ISP Model has been launched in Maryland, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Montana, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware and Mississippi. Today, more than 900 ISPs in these states are operating as part of the FedEx Ground contractor network." (from their Ground Biz site)
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  2. HomeDelivery .. I have no clue what this is about .. I'm just a driver .. oh and we don't have Home Delivery up here, it's all lumped in together, I deliver H and G all day long ..
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    oh, you're a co-location...

    better ask your contractor; it was settled on March 14
  4. So what I found out was this was a settlement for the time period ending sometime in 2010 .. I didn't start until March of 2011 .....
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    Hopefully one of the guys will buy you a cup of coffee with their settlement checks. :)