So many clueless employees

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Bankrupt, Aug 31, 2013.

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    I learned many years ago the kind of company I worked for. FedEx is a EVIL,GREEDY, propaganda pushing machine. I have always been outspoken on issues affecting employees with basically no support from any others. Most seem to have just accepted their lot in life or have no will to better themselves. Many have spoken to me about their "beefs" with mgmnt and the company but never has anyone joined me in the fight when it may have mattered. It's very sad. Most are clueless of what's going on at express. They believe what they are told as the gospel. Most have no clue what next years health plan involves mgmnt included. I had a conversation with an ops mgr this week she actually told me " I don't believe FedEx would do that they are a billion dollar company" when I explained the cost out of pocket to any employee who's gonna actually need the "BENEFIT" Mindblowing isn't it even members of mgmnt are clueless
  2. Route 66

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    To be a good FedEx employee one must be very adept at shrugging their shoulders. There are a lot of real good employees at my location.
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    Many will voice their opinions anonymously like this site. No one wants to take action until they can see that at the end it was all worth it. Other than that, a lot of people will tell you they are just happy to be employed.
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    These managers are soo brainwashed with the purple kool aid they thought ups couriers only made 2 bucks an hour more than fed ex courier per hour..
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    R1a, myself, and many others have been trying to fight this "herded sheep" mentality for many years. Most employees are walking willingly to the slaughterhouse, putting the gun to their own heads, and asking to be executed. Amazing that so many can be so dumb.
  6. Cactus

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    We've still have some clueless "Fred Fans" who still think that bastard is the greatest thing even though they are stuck at midrange pay forever while Smith, Thornton and all the Memphis fat cats live high on hog. Textbook example of brainwashed.
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    Oh they know better - they just think we don't. And then they'll always toss in their #1 ace-in-the-hole ..... that thug union and their criminal dues!