Soldiers Are Heroes

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    Were Nazi Soldiers Heroes?
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    I have to commend you---you do force us to think. If you would have asked me if I thought German soldiers (or Japanese, for that matter) were heroes I would have thought that you were crazy but an objective analysis of the word hero does lend credence to your premise. Ideology aside, they did fight just as hard as our soldiers did for a cause that they felt just as strongly about so why aren't they considered heroes?

    Thank you for forcing me to set aside my personal beliefs and to think of this from a purely objective standpoint.
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    You're welcome.
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    BTW: Here is a German soldier who is a hero none of us will deny and he paid the ultimate price for his heroism.

    A hero.jpg
    A hero.jpg
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    Hero is a term used by the winning side.
    A heroic effort, or deed, by an individual is always recognized by both sides of the conflict.
    The Medal of Honor has only been given to one woman.
    She was not a soldier, but a care giver.
    Here is her story and it is a fine story of heroism.
    Mary Edwards Walker