Some bad amazon DSP subcontractors...

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    ...are making their drivers come over to FXG.

    I guess it all depends on management & how they maintain their vehicles. That amazon is desperate to get anyone to be a DSP subcontractor is not helping.

    My nephew, who isn't 20, was in a meeting for one of those DSP offers, LoL.

    .. nah, he's going to take advantage of their tuition reimbursement and get into the tech world that way... he already know a few that spring boarded from package handling to the computer tech field

    Focusing on 'high-demand' fields is key to tuition assistance programs, Amazon says

    The influx of peak trainees are starting at my terminal. & I'll start chatting with some while we load our cargo...

    If an Amazonian finish their 200+ stops in a tight neighborhood, they're directed to go 'rescue ' someone else in a more spread out area.

    I'm thinking who cares? You're paid hourly +OT, right???

    If you're running /gunning @ at unsafe pace, then management will give you more work... u r shooting yourself in the foot for doing so.

    @amazondriverdude , u have a decent manager ? I caught @Whither s experience in another thread already
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    Ran into a former coworker at a dock last Friday and took my 10 chatting with him. It's been 2 months. Said our favorite manager is trying to get a transfer, and meanwhile another manager with whom I squared off a couple times (and who accused me of being 'political' for pointing out her tricks) is playing the tyrant. One claim of misdelivery is an automatic write up, and they've made bonuses impossible to get now.

    Told me his stop counts are nearly always 200-plus and there's been a large uptick in irreg volume, he's consistently working 50 to 60 hr weeks. Was disappointed to hear that he rarely takes his breaks ... I trained this guy and warned him not to skip breaks! Gave me the usual "I'd just get home too late man!" I countered, "Or maybe after a week or two they'd stop dispatching you 205 stops in the blind ... not to mention you're shorting yourself OT pay." Turnover remains atrocious.

    Meanwhile, tmrw is my last day of UPS probation. I will be especially cautious. If I'm fortunate enough to bring it safely, I won't be looking back.
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    Yikes, guess those DSPs aren't making as much of a profit with all those expenses...

    Since FXE and FXG dropped Amazon, I guess they'll have to start cramming the big stuff along with the smalls... still had to deliver a car jack with the "Prime" stamped on the shipping label this Saturday

    I asked a subcontractor if he looked at the Amazon DSP program & he says there's not enough profit for it to run 7 days a week with 2 drivers per route.

    Guess the grass isn't greener at Amazon.

    I'm just averaging 80-120 stops on my summer route, and have a dedicated delivery vehicle that I got straight home in... same work area daily as well, so customers know me by my first name already

    All for $900-1100/ week with no stress. I can roll in 0730 one morning and 0930 the next day... as long as I deliver my stuff with no customer complaints.
  4. The DSP I work for actually lost money last quarter so now they are cutting OT and rescues. LOL
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    It's happening all over... Yeah, the ex FedEx ground contractors that I talked to won't jump into an Amazon DSP contract

    If u match my salary over there with what I'm doing, I may try it out if I get FedUp with my Corp
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    They're stepping up the peak season hirings in my area now, along with Craig's list Amazon flex suckers, err... PVDs to help fill in the gaps.

    FedEx and UPS better get on the ball!
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    Way to early to be thinking about that kind of stuff
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    Not in my area... it'll be a :censored2:_ show like last peak & I didn't have 2 supplemental drivers as needed.

    Had to roll freight in November and December because over capacity daily.

    Taking 2 weeks for background checks is a major problem. This shouldn't be with today's technology.
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    Two weeks?! They’re not hiring for the State Patrol, good god.
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    Just found a Craig's list posting...

    Wut??? up to a month, Geezus!

    we're gonna have another messed up peak season...