South Carolina Regulates Subversives

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    Considering the mood of the nation, this might prove the resource mechanism to retire the national debt!
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    Here's an even funnier one.
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    El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City)
    “Mexican Senate reproaches U.S. for measures against migrants”
    [Full transl. of article titled as above. The link below this story takes you to the Spanish language original.]
    The Senate of the Republic approved sending a message to President Felipe Calderon so that he may ask the Government of the United States to reconsider the anti-immigrant measures intended to be taken in the neighboring country’s budget for 2011. All political parties of the Senate reproached the policy change of direction of the American President, Barack Obama, who has decided to go back on the promise he made to all the Hispanic groups that supported him, and now he insists on closing the border. The government of Barack Obama seeks to increase the funds to reinforce border security with 4.6 billion dollars to support 20 thousand agents of the Border Patrol, as well as to finish the first portion of the “virtual fence.”

    The parliamentary majority at Xicotencatl (the street where the Senate Chamber is located,) also supported asking the government of Felipe Calderon to manifest an “estrangement” because of the anti-immigrant measures that would eventually be carried out, considering them contrary to human rights. The PRI (pol. party) Senator Rosario Green Macias, president of the Foreign Relations Commission (read: committee chairwoman), criticized President Obama severely for going back on the promise he made to the Hispanic groups, who supported him at all times, and for insisting on closing up the border. Besides announcing that he will build the missing portion of the “virtual fence” by means of which everyone who crosses, undocumented or illegally, will be detected and can be immediately jailed and later expelled, (and also) reinforcing the number of agents, for customs as well as for the border. She expressed her worry, “because from now on we Mexicans will not know what to believe when we speak with the President of all the Americans, because he is a President who fails to keep his word.”
    The PAN Party member Adriana Gonzalez Carrillo introduced an “urgent and obvious resolution” Accord Point that earned the backing of all the groups represented in the Senate. She brought up that, three decades ago, the border states had a bit more than 16 percent of the population of each country. Now, the ones in the United States represent 22 percent and those of Mexico 17 percent. She stated, “The proportion of the Hispanic presence in the United States border states has increased significantly, and today, it’s 25 percent of the total population of Arizona, almost a third of that in California and Texas, and 42 percent in New Mexico.” From the rostrum, the senator stated that Mexican immigrants make the United States a better country, they work ceaselessly, pay taxes, create jobs, control inflation, contribute to the elders’ retirement and are, in short, the spinal column of many industries.