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    The Dallas paper yesterday had a small article about FedEx written by the financial advisory firm know as The Motley Fool. The company had gross revenue of $10.5 billion in the last quarter, up 11% from the same quarter last year. Earnings per share rose 22%. What caught my eye was that daily pkg volume fell 3% for Express but Ground rose 5%. Said customers are shifting to cheaper shipping options. My mgr said that Express volumes are down 7% but that may be in this quarter so far, don't know where he gets that number. Which would explain their pushing us so much lately. And it's interesting that Express is down pkg volume wise, cheaper Ground volume is up, and yet overall revenue and profit is up. Sounds like another strong argument to push P2 over to Ground.
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    There are another three opcos whose revenue figures into the equation, y'know.
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    Yes, but Express and Ground were the ones referenced in the article. They produce the lion's share of profit too.